GM: Geokhan
PCs: Valorean (Yours truly), Ildan, Cober, Oogway, Ogis, Tramenor, Caslech.

Sailing from WMC to PM.

Day 1: Uneventful.
Night 1: Orange lights by Neathy Woods. We came across a Storm Giant. After taking a couple of casualties, and after Cober Suggested him to retreat after he lost half his armor trying to whack our ship around, we managed to escape the storm he summoned, but not before he warned us that “Death awaited us at the Pyramid of Nur’Kalaa“.
Day 2: We dealt with an infestation of rats and a swarm of giant crabs which tried to board us. Tramenor managed to charm half of them into leaving us to our devises while the others were split open and eventually cooked.
Night 2: Uneventful.
Day 3: Uneventful.
Night 3: Mysterious little island to Starboard Mile in diameter. We checked it out with one of the familiars, nothing really called our attention to it, as we proceeded, our ship got stuck on a sandbank, but we quickly managed to pull put.
Day 4: Uneventful
Night 4: We faced some Shadowfell mist. It rattled the crew quite a bit. During my watch, a group of wraiths attacked us, I managed to sound the alarm in time but the undead took the lives of a couple of sailors.
We also apparently crossed a Kraken’s grave.
Day 5: We came across an island a day away from Port Mirandia, spotting what appeared to be a recently sunken vessel, upon closer inspection, we spotted about 40 stranded sailors in it which we quickly set about helping. Upon approaching they told us that two or three of their numbers had been snatched by horrible creatures. It turned out to be a Coven of Hags, which were sacrificing people to summon or free some creature. After killing a couple of them Ogis interrupted the ritual by removing the hearts of the murdered sailors from a dark altar, then I proceeded to slay the last hag.
Night 5: We reached Port Mirandia with our refugees before emptying our food stores to be greeted with a beach party by the local residents.