Players: Kage (Tohil), Neal (Eddings), Wanderer (Chemist), Mutis (Aldwin), BushelofKittens (Grey), Troy (Uzza), Mal (Naal), Konopa (Red)

Ayep. Another Adventure.
I don’t usually go about that often, but since I recently finished with KEF’s office space and that nonsense, I had time to go out.
After my last forrey into the wilds, constructing roads with Magical Plantgirl Vraela and others, I decided I might as well go do some more.
Grey reached out to me that they needed some more muscle for that request the Khenra put forth, 20.000 gold pieces for removing the portal guardians over at SQW. I heard horrible things about the portal guardians but me and Grey go a while back so I figured I’d help him out some, and also a good opportunity to test my mettle.

We decided to seek out the Khenra Ambassador.
To further inquire as to what we might find. Apparently their ambassador is some sleek Jackal looking fella wearing a fancy suit (I requested a better artist to make a rendition of how the bastard looks and I’ve included that drawing, guy’s got talent!)
Anyway they didn’t know too much. only something about a corruption taking over their ancestral lands. so bad stuff. Nothing new I guess?

This bastard.

So Anyway, after some preparation and a LOT of talking…
We finally went through the portal, having rubbed lotion Oil on ourselves, or well, Me and Aldwin.
Ah and some other potions to.. honestly we basically used everything we could and then some. Better safe than Sorry eh?

Un-fucking-fortunately, we were greeted by immediate flail to face
By some ugly fucking boar-thing. There was also this giant monstrosity flying around, some weird ass looking statue and some abso-fucking-lutely giant volatile lookin’ Golem.
I did ask that same mate for some drawings. and they delivered, so I’ll paste them on the note so you can take a gander at what we fought.

Anyway, these bastards were pretty vicious, the boar being the worst for sure! And worst of all he was in a field that negated magic and magical effects, some Anti-magic-field or some such? And then there was that floating statue, that thing had some oddly charming properties! plus it seemed to interfere with my divine powers.
Oh right, and this dragon/snake/shadow-monster-thing up in the air seemed pretttyy focused on messing up gray with its eyeball thing. It was nasty.

Worst bit was that Golem! every time you hit it with some force, it would explode and split in two! I lost track of the number we had to kill before they actually STOPPED moving and splitting!

And that %$&%-ing boar. It smashed Edding’s face in, and Naal got crushed under its boots. We had to tactically retreat. Having lost some of our fighters. Fortunately there was a …structure just behind the portal we climbed on. Our fellas started shooting at the boar with shortbows (which Chemists’ crowd of zombies dropped… they also got smashed up by the boar, but, y’know, they’re undead so… Though they did deliver one wicked strike to the boar! it sure didn’t enjoy that).

I decided to break line of sight in case the boar was going to use the golems still walking around as living artillery, when I saw a massive streak of lightning blast through Uzza and some others. I started dashing back as that boar fucking TELEPORTED RIGHT on top of us. brought one of his golem friends too! scumbag!
Either way, it was bleeding from numerous wounds and had dropped his magical field of assholery so I figured it was now or never.

Of-fucking-course that’s the moment Chemist and Red, two of our mages, decided to bloody TELEPORT away!
Cowards these mages. I swear. Thing’s tired and exhausted and they fuck off…

Regardless, we run at the bastard to try and get things done, as Uzza casts a sphere of darkness, completely cutting of vision of the boar… but it seems she immediately got knocked senseless as the sphere dropped, probably at the same time she got dropped. This being my cue, I dash at that asshole boar and lay into him. Striking true, my weapons enhanced and my magic working.
Grey and Aldwin dashed in too and fortunately, Aldwin managed to decapitate the boar while we distracted him.

Yea…then we spent another several minutes running after those asshole golems and cleaning up.
Bastards tore Naal and Eddings to bloody pieces, which we gathered to bring back to town.
After doublechecking we went back to town to recuperate and talk with the dog.

I ain’t much one for Diplomacy,
So I first read up more about their customs and stuff from various notes pasted around the tavern, asked around a bit, and then decided I wasn’t in a position to talk, so we had Red do the talkin… I kinda zoned off, political talks exhaust me. I did catch the bastard implying we’re all a bunch of grave robbers and tomb raiders. That wasn’t very cool.

As Promised, the attached drawings!

The Boar Bastard
Giant Golem that was more like a hundred small golems.
Also an asshole.

PS: the Desert was weirdly shiny, it was kinda neat. And hot…and it got in my armor and boots and basically everywhere….It wasn’t great but I ain’t a fan of deserts. I’d rather go mountain climing…