DM: Lewis
PCs: Yog, Ragna, Thran, Eep, Rasz, Jax

Two weeks since we met Zol had passed and, as she had told, we saw her riding towards our Group and Yog. Zol was a bit surprised, as she expected we would ambush her. We did not. We kept our promise in assisting Zol freeing her and her child from the beast.

Zol mentioned a prison there the demon was imprisoned once but escaped. Our best shot was to imprison the demon again with the help of the core of the  prison guard. So we willingly let her teleport us near that prison. She told us that she will await us here again in 24 hours or assumes we failed and died. After this Zol disappeared and I could see her appearing on a mountain path in the distance again, leaving us behind.

We traveled according to Zol’s description a few miles to the east and found the prison. Its doors there, although broken out still intact and had fine engravings of demons and angels. We carefully entered and started exploring the prison.

As we came to a strange pillar-like statue asking for our permission to enter and our origin. We did not know exactly what it wanted from us, Rasz tried to answer its questions but it was not satisfied. As I tried to enter its scanning range Eep bolted sideways trying to bypass the pillars questions. It fixated Eep and thousands of mechanical beetles started swarming first Eep and then also us as we defended him. Then I cast my spells I could feel how the Walls are trying to suck out the spell’s energy, fizzling it if I failed to concentrate on the casting.

We fought them off and while i first tried to get the statue on letting us pass or at least start questioning us Yog rushed through and hit it with his weapon. So there was no more choice left then destroying the Statue. Ragna did had some problems as his weapons get stuck on this pillar and he took some time trying to get them out of it, finally succeeding and putting an end to the last bit of those tiny beetles. After the fight Eep mentioned that the Eyes of all those beetles are infect little rubies.

Afterwards we found some other statue that looked quite damaged and Eep also found some kind of control panel and started fusing arcane energy into it, repairing the statue. While Eep started talking to the statue. I heard some noises coming from the East as Ragna and Yog also moved East towards those noises. I followed them and saw some huge mechanical abominations coming towards us, starting to breath fire onto Ragna and Yog.

we destroyed these beetles and Eep came back, acting strangely, followed by the statue. He started asking Questions on what happened and why the Guardian was destroyed. after a while he concluded what we must be intruders and shall be imprisoned as the statue started attacking Ragna While Rasz, Thran, Ragna and myself tried to calm the Statue again, Yog kept attacking it and Eep always responded: “Intruders are to be imprisoned”.

Hoping to set Eep free Ragna started to strike at the statue and smashed it down as it liquidated and started flowing towards the pool we found it at first. But instead of Eep getting free, he disappeared.

As we were wounded, we head out of the prison so our healing magic would be unaffected from it and took a quick break there I prayed to Eldath to heal us all. We then entered the prison again, hopeing on finding some clues where Eep might be.

While exploring we came across a mechanical tree and as i tried to walk around it i triggered a trap, setting up razor sharp leaves. We found out that Lightning could slow it down, so i took out my wand and threw a lightning bolt towards the tree. While it still hurt passing that tree, it was a bit easier as it slowed down.

We saw some automatons writing strange writings on the walls and decided to move ahead maybe looking later again into those writings. We came across several mechanical spiders gathering around something else and as some blue energy came through the floor towards that thing a silver hand reached from beneath the spiders and a silvery humanoid appeared.

The silvery thing called him self Algorithm and mentioned a escaped prisoner, Moglomag, and that his core would be the anwser. Moglomag, that must be the name of Zol’s Beast. Thran tired to persuade Algorithm what we came in good intent and are here to find help to imprison this escaped Moglomag.

Sadly this went not so well, as Algorithm concluded, that he and the Prison are perfect and that the prisoner could not have escaped. He must have had help from outsiders and as we there not the architects and alarm were set off, we were intruders and must be imprisoned.

Algorithm started with imprisoning Yog in some kind of sphere. While Thran and Ragna made short process out of all of the mechanical spiders and pressed hard on Algorithm, he created some sort of black hole and then a huge explosion set off, as everything went black for me.

Luckily Thran had me covered and healed me back up a bit, so i could see how Algorithm started to flee and Rasz, just recovering from that huge blast quickly put him down. We dragged Algorithms body back to the room there the automatons where scribing and Rasz comprehended languages just to see that they are only scribing about the weather outside or recent events inside, like our arrival and invading of the prison. Yog cut out the core  from Algorithm and as he did all magic around the core seemed to disappear.

We quickly moved back out, sadly we found no clues on where Eep might be, so we just hoped he would find his own way back to our meeting point with Zol. As we met up with zol again, there still was no sign on poor Eep. We showed Zol the core and let her contain it so she could teleport us back to White Moon Cove.

Before leaving she handed us out a suite of armor, what she claims to have secured from one of our poor fellow adventures, his soul offered to the demon. I remember seeing that armor before. It was the Divine Plate John Stout took away from Zix, back in the day, then we defeated the Gnolls and Slivers. I offered my old plate to Thran and claimed the armor to proudly wear it.