DM: Adalyn

Characters: Frederic, Emily, Thiala, Wolfgang, Ska, Hrafna, Lysing, Kylgore, Fiver, Sixer

As if travelling with a mixed group of mutts was not enough, on my latest journey into the wilds I was forced to bear the company of nine other adventurers, only two of whom had any elven blood at all!

At least a few of the mutts were decent enough.

The rest of the scroll is written entirely in flowing Elvish script.

This time, our group started from the town of White Moon Cove. We sought out the gnome known as Gi’Armo, to inquire about a set of musical scrolls which had been talked about in the tavern. Any wizard worth their salt knows that if you hear of unique scrolls, you go looking for them.

Gi’Armo told us that he had no leads on new scrolls, but if we wanted to seek some out our best bet was to find one of his colleagues, a female gnome known as Salda. Her base of operations was a tree in the Neathy Woods, just northwest of the Blackfoot Inn.

Our brigade of brigands set off along the northern road, making our way into the woods. We had a night full of surprises, involving a squirrel that was really an imp and the destruction of Lysing’s child snowman.

In the morning, we wandered through the woods until we finally reached Salda’s home. She told us of the possible locations of two scrolls: one north of the Whisper Woods, and one to the south east of the Silent Woods.

Being closer to the latter, we once again found ourselves wandering through the trees, this time in the southern direction. Our travel was largely uneventful, until we ran into a very… uniquely dressed individual.

The scantily clad woman immediately rubbed Emily the wrong way. Apparently she had encountered a similar woman with a variety of imps not but a few days before. However, the rest of us decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. This turned out to be a mistake, as she charmed Sir Frederic and tried to get him to go off with her and do… indecent things.

I tried to snap him out of his testosterone-fueled stupor, but he would not look away. And so, we were forced to engage the woman, revealing that she was being escorted by a veritable platoon of fiendish companions.

A long battle ensued, but we were able to pull through with the help of Lysing’s Gust of Wind and the dual-smiting duo of Emily and Frederic. The woman tried a last-ditch attempt at stealing Lysing away from us, but we saved him and (most) of his innocence.

Feeling exhausted and beaten down by the encounter, we rested quickly and returned to town. Perhaps another, smaller group may have more luck in finding the scroll. Maybe an all-female group, to prevent a repeat of yesterday’s… events.