Pyramid in the Road


                Unit Members-  Abu, Vraela, Silthon, Panzer, Tar and Varon

Wanting to get back to work I signed up for the first mission that I was qualified for.  Silthon wanted to start logging his new environment.  So we two Rookies were Teamed up with Abu, Vraela, Panzer and Tar.  They seemed to already have the lay of the land so they took point of the mission, which was to serve a search warrant at a black pyramid west of Ruined Oak.  We were given the options of taking a portal or walking the few extra days.  We opted to take the portal, the other unit members said it could be ruff on Rooks and went through first.  When we were awoken after we stepped though the others took us to celebrate and recover at Ruined Oak.  The next morning we set out early with Tar on point.  Tar already hazing me calling me Varona, and look at me writing a report like a with a bunch of useless information…..

Day 2 headed west on road out of Ruined Oak.  Came across a light house with a castle by the lake, the more senior members said that was not there recently.  Unit members stayed on tasked and proceeded on with our mission.  Made note of possible squatters.  Tar found a campsite with a shack impaled on a pine tree.  During the night just before dawn a sink hole appeared and swallowed our campfire with a cup and bucket with the symbol of a god called Lathander appearing that was not there when we started. The hole lead down to a body of slightly glowing blue water.  Abu sent his animal  companion to investigate, it retrieved a locked scroll case also with a symbol of Lathander.  A member of the unit got ahold of some of the liquid and we started to hear each other thoughts.  By the time dawn was upon us the hole had disappeared. 

Day 3 We arrived at the Black Temple.  It looks like a B&E had already taken place and saw a suspect already in the room Tar called out to suspect and after getting no response tossed a rock at the suspect, with unlethal force, who seemed to be a zombie about the size of an ogre wearing an iron mask and some sort of glass breastplate.  At this time the suspect charged us and had to be put down.  Searching the room one of us started to have visions of and undead army on the march.  This whole island is new to me so look to other reports for info since none of the landmarks meant anything to me.  After clearing this room our new indoor point man Panzer took the hallway turned the corner and ran into a trap.  10 feet of the hallway was a trap door.  After retrieving Panzer we noted the pressure plate and maneuvered around it.  Further down the hallway we ran into two more zombies of normal human size wearing masks.  They attacked the unit and were put down.  Panzer took a door to the south and ran into one more ogre sized and three man sized zombies.  He was able pacify this group of zombies and was able to search the room.  We left this south room and closed the door with the zombies still animated.  Abu sent his animal companion to scout out the last hallways that lead to the main entrance.  At the entrance were two dead adventures after further investigation it turns out that were also zombies and were taken out after they attacked.  On the trip back the place that we saw the lighthouse and castle was just a crater that the lake had partial filled. 


Army of undead on the move, multiple undead leaders it seems (Panzer for more info)

4 zombies (one Ogre sizes three man sized) left in south room of Black Temple

Lighthouse Castle on lake, west of Ruined Oak appearance and disappearance

Impaled shack with lathander site appearance just before dawn (small window)

Silthon and I for first warrant served were with a good unit.