Music Scrolls:
Out we went from Whitemoon Cove as a small army through the forests and on the roads, but first, we found a gnome named name Gi’airmo to learn of the scrolls. His machines were aplenty, but he essentially handed us over to a person named Salda who lives in the woods northeast of the Black Footpad Inn.

On the road, we ran into some guards who seemingly randomly showed us a wanted poster of a bald grayish yuan-ti.

Emily’s Side Project:
Afterward, we pushed through to the forest where we would rest near a tree where Emily’s friends appeared. A fat squirrel who chirped with a deep voice and then spoke in a demonic tone at us. Eventually, showing us its true tuxedo form and telling us that Emily was being watched for the “Master” whoever that may be. Emily would later tell us that she rescued some fairies from some demons the other day and now they were angry at her.

Music Scrolls:
We wandered around the area looking for a larger tree for quite a while and then we found it. There was no snow under the tree so we called out to Salda fearing another warded tree. What I didn’t expect was an extremely grumpy gnome who was possibly the most dismissive person I ever met. After interacting with her she pointed us to the location of three music scrolls.

One in the Forest North of the Mountains north of the Whispering Woods
Two to the South West of the Silent Woods

Additionally, we were suggested that we could use the “tree way”, but that it is currently “clogged” and that we could all potentially end up in different locations if we were to take it. Maybe there is a way to unclog it later so everyone can travel more quickly?

Emily’s Side Project:
On our way to the road, so we could travel to the Whispering Woods faster, we ran into a beautiful woman by human standards. When questioned she spoke that she was on her way to the Blood Eye clan although we all considered that a lie. It was too suspicious, a woman bearly clothed alone in the middle of the woods and it was winter. Suddenly Fredric decided he was go with her which caused Thiala to run up to her and explain that Frederic was hers. I didn’t really listen further as Emily whispered that there were fiends all around us. Then, she charged at the women with her weapon readied. Potentially out of fear of Emily she ran away leaving behind a swarm of fiends. The battle was long but in the end, we were victorious as the remaining fiends escaped back to their plane.

DM: Adalyn
Frederic the Literal Downer
Emily the Abyssally Attracted
Thiala the Jealous
Wolfgang the Healer
Ska the 1/20 Spleen Collecter
Hrafna the Tuxedo Killer
Lysing the Snowman Father
Kylgore the Ranger
Fiver the Psychic
Sixer the Coward