A Trip to the Homestead

DM: Oatsy

Characters: Isaac, Peppinton, Oni, Akita, Xeren, Lidian, Tar

While at the Axe and Thistle, I was approached by Bill, a fellow Adventure who having heard that a group of us was heading out on the invitation from some homesteader named Dahlia, Petunia, Magnolia, and Clyde Aesterid. He informed me that he had other business to attend to and would like someone to deliver some brewing supplies and a letter, which I readily agreed to.  So, after strapping the supplies to my body I made the long trip to the Swollen Tooth Inn and met up with the group there. 

It they were only filled

There was some confusion at first as to the location of this homestead, buying me time to down a few flagons of rum. However soon Peppinton confidently pointed in the direction we needed to go.

I had expected to have to carry the heavy supplies up and down the mountain, but fortune shined and the Wizard, a red frumpy one called Isaac, conjured a magical steed which I quickly transferred the load to.

It turned out that Peppinton’s navigation skills were right on and we made it to the homestead without any issues.  That’s when I saw Clyde for the first time and was glad that Akita and Lidian had been here before and could explain what was going on.  Clyde was a Huge Cyclopes with large bunny like ears, I found out that the ears were part of a costume for their festivities.

It’s like a ship that doesn’t sail

Clyde invited us up into the home, where we met Dahlia and Petunia. I don’t recall meeting Magnolia but there was so much going on with all the festivity activities that I could be overlooking this as I was busy giving Clyde the brewing supplies and delivering the letter for Dahlia.

Petunia offered us some, Jelly beans is what she called them, with different colors and said they were for the party.  We were hesitant to consume them at first, but as soon as she said they may test like rum, it was down the hatch from me. 

What happen next was very strange and I do not recall all of it.  What I do remember was suddenly finding myself in strange garb consisting of a bright flowery shirt and strange, yet comfortable foot apparel that made a funny flip-flop sound as I walked.  I also found my saying the word “Golly” a lot and developed some sort of sensitivity to the sun with a great desire to cover myself in an oily, greasy substance white provide shade from the sunlight. I now know how poor Xenon fell.

Each of the jellied beans had different result for each person, making some smaller, some flatulent or trapping some in an invisible box.

We then moved on to the events. The first was a tree climbing contest of sorts between Isaac and Peppinton.  While they climbed the rest of us were encouraged to pelt them with tomatoes.

I had tried shaping into a bear to lob the tomatoes a little faster, but the results were not what I expected.

A brown bear in sunscreen

It was all fun and games until it wasn’t. At some point after Peppinton putting her boot to Isaac, Isaac summoned a great dragon, and I felt it was time to go back inside.  All I heard as I was leaving was that Peppinton was declared the winner.

The next event was more straight forward as it was an arm-wrestling contest. The shenanigans were still flowing good at this point, and I was getting drunker and drunker. 

Somehow, I managed to win against my party members and then had to arm wrestle Clyde, I gave it my all and amazingly brought his hand down.  Maybe he was just being kind to the guest.

Over the top

After this contest we were invited to sit down and eat. I remember I went into the kitchen to do something and came back with some really messed up coffee cakes. I still remember Clyde muttering something repeatedly about “that’s not to code”, “oh lord please stop”, “what the hell”.

Things wound down, and I bearly remember anything about the trip back to the inn, but it was those folks sure know how to party.