We left WMC to bring Darcy a stone which was from her suiter.
However, the encounter did not go according to plan and we learned:

  • Darcy despises the suiter, Steve, and wants us to dispose of him. She pulled out an ethereal thread from the stone revealing it to be a compass-like ball of thread with one end leading to Darcy and the other to Steve. He is likely a giant spider as she referred to him as being not suitable as nesting material.
  • She has not been receiving the promised shipments of nesting material, creatures for her to lay her spider eggs in, for the last nine months. Humanoids are preferred, but animals will work.
  • She was furious to learn her witch friend, Lady Frandom, was killed and ordered us to found out who did the deed and to bring that person to her. It was someone from WMC.
  • She also wanted us to deal with the wizard to the west, Budaqor. From his tower, he sends his foul creations to attack her children. It should be noted that there haven’t been any such attacks as of late.

With our WMC armbands on our sleeves, we walked towards the domicile of Darcy. We were greeted by large spiders, their body was spherical and white and they had eight long skinny appendages. They weren’t hostile although they kept a close watch on us as we made our way forward. We firstly remembered the logs to be as polite as possible and knocked on the door. A large dancing spider danced at us with two appendages waving up high in the hair. We talked to it and continued trying to follow directions poorly as we made a giant loop and ended up at the very door that we knocked upon. We asked the dancing spider to lead us to Darcy which it. The map of the place can be found below so this situation doesn’t happen again.

We were led into a room that had eight seats around one large stone table. As we took our seats a huge spider came down from the ceiling and spoke to us or maybe it tried. No one knew what it had said. Then, butlers came in and presented us with what looked like Brandy, which we would later learn was Yeti Brandy. Afterward, the huge spider crawled away as Darcy finally presented herself.

She requested to know why we were here and disappointed by our answer. She spoke expectantly on that for the last nine moons she has not received a single shipment of nesting material from MWC. She was dismissive about the stone that would help her fiend a suitor. And was furious at us all as she heard her witch friend was killed by someone from WMC. She got up on the table and approached Uthijuxl and got one of her spiders to cast zone of truth on us as she continued to ask about the death of her friend. She could barely control her breathing and we could see she was ready to attack. Somehow we were able to dissolve the situation and take the responsibility of the tasks upon ourselves.

Characters: Boop, Raghallach, Uthijuxl, Caradoc, Ravhin, Kita