Ander, Emerion, Koro, Pyhora, Stitches

Geokahn – Dire Corgis

Mercies Bestowed:
– 1 Guiding Bolt
– 2 Healing Word
– 1 Sanctuary
– 1 Divine Intercession
Mercies Received:
– 1 Revival

A parcel of silver was divided amongst the group as payment. May you all take care.
– XX

Addendum: I have been told receipts are also not acceptable, but it has been explained by Koro that the short-lived races prefer paper records, as their memory is not long enough for tales told aloud. I am sorry for not understanding; the summer fireflies I knew before the island had little need for such things, though perhaps their lives were too short for record outside the hangman’s books. And so.

I desired to see the dogs in dire need, who were little outside rumor in the tavern. Under Phyora’s guidance a group was gathered of us two, the small one Ander, the firefly Emerion, and the one called Koro. I find I like them each very much, and wish to keep them from their winter until I have found mine. Emerion I worry for most, if he keeps his gentle soul it may save his nimble body from the keepers of order in this land what few there are. I hope the cold snaps of his spring fade as his summer comes. Phyora and Ander are both of order and sound of body and skill, and I trust them both to take care, though I do wish Phyora would do the same for his beautiful owl. Koro presents me with a new worry, I do not know the common for it, but [insecurity]. His devotion to his Prince is vocal and profound, and the power of his god is undeniable. I owe it my life, if also my fall. He is as the meat of the wild boar; too strong of smell and taste, but desirable in its own.

Our path was directly west from town, past the rowboat-covered hole, and camping at a temporarily abandoned wagon. The hobgoblins Fotz and Notz came to claim it later that night, telling tale of their flight from a large lizzard Koro called a ‘rex’. May they take care. The next day brought a bloody altar on barren ground. Koro read the carved words aloud, and summoned from the ground fleshy insect-spewing monsters who sought us harm. Great harm they did, my arrows never met mark and Koro withstood many blows on our behalf until one broke for me. Flies swarmed my nose and throat, and all went dark until Koro pulled me to my feet and pushed me away. I was able to return his kindness, as he fell to the swarm not long after. I do not question the Seasons, she has given many blessings and shown me great compassion, but I now worry it is not enough. I have let the cold of winter take others before. That eve Koro told tale of a ‘maleficar’, one like my dear, who casts spells but does not take care for others. Having read his words I wonder if he is turning his inner eye outward, his [insecurity] of letting his own ill urges abuse his power becoming suspicion. I will take comfort in my weakness, and know I was not meant for such struggles.

The following day we gave wide range to a ruined castle in pursuit of the dogs, until we made camp at a water-filled ravine just east of the forest, where Phyora first caught sight of them. He assured me they were not in dire need, but in good health and temperament, as we would confirm on the morrow when we began our return journey. Their den must be nearby, but without rations I needed to return to town before imposing greatly on the others. Our rest that night was broken with the appearance of Johnny, a man from Wild Oak who had gained injury and lost clothing in his shared flight with Fotz and Notz from the rex. Having seen its tracks and heard its call earlier we welcomed him to travel with us as we went northwest around “the glow” to rejoin the road. I wonder if it is named for the green glow and loud sound Phyora saw on watch the next evening, which he said spanned miles. The remainder of our travel took us past a farmhouse which appeared abandoned, but was claimed as family land by a woman who accosted us in the night. I am unsure if she was unkind in not telling us of the snake-like creatures which infested the floorboards or unaware. In either case, her land is to be avoided.