Sitting atop a few books the owner keeps for just such an occasion, Eyesack sits at the bar with his “spellbook”.  Some miscellaneous art supplies litter the area as the young kobold chatters along happily.
“…went to the woods.  Got some DOTS!  Bad men dotted fire lady to kill her.  Found cult and KILL them…”
The “wizard” waves a pencil around like a wand…
“All my magic not save Leader.”. The kobold seems crestfallen before excitedly continuing: “…fire lady, beardy man, and ghost friend got trapped by death magic.  Eyesack drank green potion to save them.”
The scales on his brow furrow as he attempts to communicate a more complicated idea: “Potion take Eyesack to library.  Big Eye demand sacrifice for friends.  Eyesack only has spellbook.  Big Eye knows it’s power and accepts.  Eyesack got his friends back and his book.  Big Eye marked book but Eyesack can’t read…”. 
Eyesack happily shows the mark below his recent artwork.