Gathered at the Inn

DM: Geo


Ricky, Mako, Mercury, Tsion, Till, Calatar

Mission: Pain of the Plains – Investigate the brick

Quison and The Monastery of Meditation


Before arriving at the brick fort we met some travling cooks. They had what looked like a grill on their cart and they sold us some honey sheep kebab. It was delicious. They were headed to White Moon Cove. 

We arrived at the brick fort and met two people. A human name Quison and a goblin named Tilbilly. They were baking brick and building up the fort on top of a previously laid slab. Quison informed us that goblins did indeed attack his fort but he handled them and negotiated with them although some made their way into the basement of the fort. He asked us to remove those goblins for him and find some sailors from White Moon Cove that were working for him that also were down in the basement. 

The Basement part 1

We found the goblins…. we think. These looked like goblins covered in a druid experiment gone wrong. Spores and strange pollen like dust all over them. They did count six and Quison said a half dozen. They were not hard to killed but when we did kill them they exploded spores that covered a large area.

The Basement Part 2

After the sporegoblins we moved forward exploring this basement and saw a blue goblin and some rats. It yelled at us in some strange language and Calatar shoot it with an arrow and it instantly died. More came we killed those two but we also found something else…

Calatar found a strange aqua looking undead that had some really strange abilities. Not only did these appear but some other undead as well as a magic weilding skeleton and a ghost. A mechanical spider was also crawling around.  Things felt a bit crazy at this point as undead surrounded us but my comrades displayed some amazing abilities.

Mercury took a bunch of damage without showing a sign of damage and Mako and Ricky both controled a undead that died to have them attack for us before falling over. Simply amazing things. We ended up killing everything with very minor damage. We even killed what could have been the key to find a treasure hoarde. A small floating squidlike creature  that Tsion killed with one swift strike. This creature was talking in our minds warning us of the undeads and other creatures. The lone creature to escape was the ghost…

The Basement Part 3

After a short break we ventured further. Found a room with two gargoyles  and a fountian. The Gargoyles were traps that shot lightning. We found levers to turn them off and then we inspected the fountian. It was not magical and it seemed to fill up with water when emptied out. There has to be more to this room but we could not find anything… but it was the only room with traps in an around it. As a rusted saw blade was in another hallway. 

We then found a room with four suits of armor an arcane circle and a giant wolf head. We walked forward and two of the armors animated. Mako found a big armor in another room and the melee insued. Surprisingly we dealt with these armors fairly quickly. The only slip up was Tsion ran onto the circle and he got teleported to the spore goblin room. On his way back the ghost returned attacked him and forced him to run away…

Ghost Hunt...

We looked for the ghost around the rest of the “basement”… this basement was more like a bunker for an old kingdom’s castle. We found evidence of this on the animated armors and in an underground throne room. There was a symbol of a Red Elk around the the place. We found a blacksmith witha golden book. This was ledger documenting orders and talking about the flying squid creature knowing of the treasure… 

We then found the throne room and a tomb. The throne room hada mural of King Kil’Moragn and his daughter Princess Alpaleash.  We found some notes about a failing war and how his own army might turn on him for the hidden treasure and we found evidence of this in another room.  We left the four stone sarcophagus sealed to not disturb the dead… even though Mercury really wanted to. Fianlly we found the three sailors deda of what appeaars to be frieght. We never found the ghost but we did see all we could find in the fort.

The way home

We dragged the sailor bodies to the surface to give them a propper burial. We spoke to Quison who let us spend the night. We traveled quickly back home pushing it to make it home in one days travel. The fort might be a place you can rest on Thunder Dwarf Way. Someone with some more advanced techniques might be able to find the lost treasure. Also would like to know more about this old Red Elk kingdom.