PCs: Hjalrig, Ragna, Haru, Vuldred, Orson, Elril, Te’sil, Jax

Geim and Rith stormed in the Axe and Thistles, seeking for help in rescuing their fallen comrades. They headed towards the tower some of us went the day before.
There were now two towers but the group had managed to destroy one of them.

We set out with another group, that headed towards the same direction at start and split of as we reached the Tower. As we approached the tower, we were greeted with a meteor shower. Te’sil, Hjalrig and myself did as much as we could, to keep everyone alive. While Vuldred went after the one who greeted us with that meteor shower and let loose a volley of arrows.

I think, she was there the other day, and getting her cloudkill spell corrupted from Isaac. It might have been a mistake to retreat after killing Ichor-Law.
Things looked good, but then suddenly Vuldred attacked me, I just shielded in time and while his Lightning did not harm me, it went over to Orson. Te’sil put darkness between Vuldred and the rest of us, but I had a better plan, I went through the Darkness towards Vuldred and with my divine magic, calmed him down, suppressing the charm.
The rest of the group finished of the other abomination attacking us,

while the Sorceress played hide and seek with us until Vuldred casted silence at the area, she was hiding. As she came in sight, leaving the silence, Elril shot some eldritch blasts at her, bringing her down.

Sadly, we were not equipped to destroy the tower I tired throwing a lightning bolt at th tower, but the lightning just bounced back and forth inside the spiral tower, so another group has to do it. Shatter or things that can easily destroy stone might be helpful.
We looked for the fallen and two of them there dissolved in the black Ichor. But we were able to bring Tohil and Aldwin back to White Moon Cove, there the healer brought them back to live.
Although Tohil seemed to be a little changed, as a black tentacle coming out of him and Wrapping around him. The Rot had strengthened its grip on him.