The Tale of the Modern Vampire

PC’s: Hanna, Zak, Thiala, Elghinn, Ska, Rig, Indr
DM: Rasz

A portal opens up carrying a log written many months after now…

Hi everyone, this is a little letter from Indr. Salem and I are enjoying our retirement away from hell island… Its very nice here on the beach.

Sales are good.

That last adventure was it for me. Recovering stolen magic plague blood for a guy who has cloned me is…. a bit of a weird one and I can’t say I want to keep up with that sort of thing. Its much nicer just getting to spend time with Salem in the sun and sell some tasty treats to people. I hope someone eventually figures out what The Architect is up too – and maybe even gets rid of that clone of me – and be sure to look out for his Mother. Capital M, Mother…. sounded a bit too much like Malady for my taste so be on the look out for someone of that nature.

Saa… I’m sorry that our paths diverged, I’m sorry you didn’t want to escape from that place with us. I didn’t say goodbye when I left, I told you I’d always be with you in your heart just as I keep you in mine. I hope you fulfill your Duty and find some measure of peace.