DM: Seph
Adventurers: Karn, Balthier, Mathis, HCMorran, HcGlanfath

After our last advanture into the crag and Karns and Balthiers follow up we decided to investigate the the lower leves

1 Day
We embarked from White Moon Cove in the morning and went the usual way to the Wpiders Reach Outpost with not much happening on our way. We passed the boulder and when we came near it the shadows would appear near us again but the black mist that spilled out the first time was gone.
When we arrived at the Outpost we immediately departed for the Crag and after a short walk we stood before the entrance. I noticed that the cave was warm the first time we where here but now it was much more hot, nonetheless we walked in and wait strait to the elevator plattfrom, Karn informed me that on there first venture they tried to use it but the old rope broke and they let themself down with rope they brought and we did that again even if i was not thrilled about this endeavor. When i arrived in the lower levels the heat was much more prevelent that above and after everyone got down savely, balthier said they explored the northern parts earlyer so we moved south and four on the end of a passage a great dubble door but before we could investigate we heard 2 voices speak in infernal and shortly after we where attack by 2 Devils armed with glaives and it seemd like there beard was made of hooks. After a long and hard fight we beat these 2 devils which had poisend weapons and beards but the noise from our fight must have been noticed because the door we found earlier opend and undead pourt out. Seeing this small army of undead come out of the foor and looking at our party on which the devils had taken there toll balthier our leader for this expedition called a retreat and we climbed up the rope again and going back to the outpost for a nights rest.

2 Day
In the morning of the 2nd day we decided to return to the White Moon Cove and made our way back on the road where we saw on our way back a group of dinosaurs but Karn was against fighting them because they posed no threat at us. After this sighting our jurney went rather uneventful.