We decided to return to the lighthouse at Oogway’s behest. We discovered a corpse buried on the beach, but we decided not to unearth it. As we were fishing for dinner, we noticed a large skull nearby, and Oogway approached it first when we were attacked by slimes of some sort that oozed out of the ground. They corroded Oogway’s sword and clothes with an acidic effect. Gaven helped fix his clothes.

Slimes are generally more dangerous than they appear.

Mac found some valuable gems in the skull. In the night, I heard chanting and saw a bonfire in the distance. It was a one eyed man that didn’t seem to care about us. He was chanting into a circle, from which a figure made of water emerged. He said he was going to use a ritual to make the water figure to do fishing. Oogway went back to sleep, and I followed suit.

Vahn saw a galleon out at sea and suggested it was the fisherman Gordon’s ship. We went to his hut and asked him to take us to the lighthouse again. Gordon agreed. Vahn helped him catch tuna by using his vicious mockery, which was a sight to see~. We arrived back at the lighthouse, where there was a hammock and a hearth that was lit, but we found no one inside. There were gears inside that seemed to control the lighthouse. A lever next to the gears was pulled, but nothing happened. There were two barrels of oil that Oogway carried upstairs to the gears. After applying the oil, the lever was pulled again, the oil caught on fire, and a prismatic beam of light shot out from the lighthouse.

A trapdoor lead downwards. It led to a chamber with a water puddle inside. In another room, there was a magic circle drawn on the ground, but nothing happened when we tried inspecting it. Later, we heard a booming voice and a figure with a scimitar ran down the corridor and attacked us, followed by others. The figure that first yelled was a pirate captain that led a gang. The captain fled after getting gravely injured and triggered something, which caused a rumble. Soon after, we were assailed by a burning fire elemental!

That accursed fire elemental.

Despite an illusion from Vahn, a self-sacrifice from Gaven’s minotaur turret, and persistence from the party (except Mac, who ran away with abandon, despite his skills with the bow), we ended up retreating from the fire elemental, which also returned to the magic circle it came from. I also got caught on fire briefly but managed to put myself out. Dismayed but alive, we returned to the mainland on Gordon’s ship. We met a few guards that had a wanted poster with a picture that looked like the pirate captain’s face. His name was Johnny Kecth. The pirate was reported to be in the area. His bounty was 50gp. We told them about the man we had seen on the lighthouse island, and they gave us a few gold in thanks. Mac also took a barrel of oil with him and sold it at the town. I wonder what happened to the fire elemental.

Johnny Kecth(?)