DM: MrRazor
PCs: Zerchai, Nugget, Teddy, Gasa, Kurl, Yosi, Rig

Sitting in the inn, Rig speaks as though he is talking to someone.
Rig go back, Slay Evil Ratskins.
Rig saw big drakeskins rushing by. Big drakeskins looked feared.
Turning to the side, although nobody there, Rig continues.
Yes, yes Rig talk to bearskin. Bearskin seemed friendly
Bearskin at camp. Rig ask if seen any evil.
Bearskin not talk. Nugget and Rig hear Flapping.
with a little bored look Rig keeps talking.
Cloakskin attacks. Yosi punches.
Rig too sleepy. Rig arrive as cloaksins fall.
A sad stare on his face. Rig turns around.
Many ratskins burned. Rig too late.
Rig think something slew evil ratskin before.
Now furious, Rig talks louder.
Ratskins sneaky set up trap, huge poison.”
Kurl saves Rig. Rig see ratskin slaying Kurl.
Room stinky. Gasa found weird ratskin.
Looking a little confused.
Yosi talk much about retreat. Rig not retreat.
Rig fight them off. Rig invincible.
Only two ratskin remain. Rig woke up later.
Meet Ezekiel. Plainskin not know any Evil.

Evils to hunt

evil Cloakskin

flapping a lot.
was dead before Rig could reach.

weird ratskin

weird, kinda dead looking.
resistant to hits