DM: aDragon
PCs: Indr, Salem, Nog, Chemist, Althaea, Rig

A Human sits at the bitter dwarf, empty seats around him
Rig fixed water. Water not salty anymore.
But priest say it gets better.
Rig not sure about fissures. Do not look like connected to bad water.
Salem found one real deep. Maybe investigate later.
looking a bit ashamed, as Rig addresses something to the left.
Rig thought Watery creature evil. Rig only reacted.
Rig found grate out and in water, as source of salt.
But grate magic, Rig think. Else Rig had opened grate.
Rig looks around, as Rig keeps talking to various points of the air.
Rig found temple connected to grates.
Yes, Rig hunted big crocskin. Needed crocparts to fix water-temple.
No, croc not eat Rig, Rig waited to get in Jaws.
Rig fight best inside. But croc also clawed. Chemist got Rig out of Jaws.
Rig turns around, angrily
No, That was evil magics. clouding Rigs mind.
made Rig think, lady help slay unseen evil.
Else Rig slew evil pond-lady in instant.
eating a bit crocodile flesh, Rig continues.
Yes, taste like chicken. Pigs also liked croc. Pigs eat legs.
Pushed away with Fire. Also burned croc a lot before.

Evils to hunt

evil pond lady

clouds mind
pretends to slay evil
uses evil magics

evil croc

tries to eat Rig
kidneys used for Water refreshing ritual