PCs: Madame Dula, Azure, Kurl, Kaine, Cynder, Rig

Rigs soul is walking around town, followed by several other souls.
Rrghh! Rig eat evil dragon.
That thing set you on fire, bite you in half and then eat you, don’t you remember Rig.
You are a soul now like us.
What? No Rig invincible. Rig not dead!
Well you are, or how do you think, you just passed through that human over there?
Rig small. Rig goes fast, unnoticed.
Rig fly again with black griffin
Rig slay dragon, like Rig slew gnolls!
Sigh, As stubborn as always it seems. Look Rig…
The souls surrounding Rig get pulled away
Hey? Where  going?
Rigs soul also gets pulled away and Rig awakes in a restored body
See Rig told you. Rig invincible.
Yes. Rig slay dragon. One head after another.
No, Rig prepared for teleporting dragon.
Shabor will see Rig worthy hunter of evil.
Rig turns around facing the air with confusion
What you mean, Rig look different?

Evils to hunt

evil gnolls

can’t do shit then blind
together with other gnolls
and many hyena
Rig slay them easily

evil dragon-three-heads

hides in water
can teleport out of water
breathes fire of each head.
also bites a lot.
cut off heads keep breathing and biting.

mighty hunter


hunts for the hunting
rides on