DM: Revy
Fey Enigma(Dan) and Haymakeru(Haru)
Monk Mogan(Jeukal) and Nugget
Metal Twister(Thovek) and Rig

Rig sits in the Inn, talking to the empty chair next to him.
Rig Ring King. Rig invincible.
No no. No evil, friendly show.
But chair is for sitting. Rig force weakling out of ring.
Rig help Monk. Devilskin and Monk go after Rig.
Rig stops for a second, his face a bit piqued and continues.
Rig not sheep. Others fearfull. Devilskin Fey good punches.
Rig give room for bigskin Thovek. Rig not steal spot.
But mug could be full.
Rig turns to the air behind him.
Yes, yes. Little dragonskin Nugget cheat. Rig saw.
No, no. Rig at end of ring to see things.
Devilskin knock out bigskin. Rig angry. Bigskin was nice.
Rig turns back to the table, takes a swig from a mug and continues speaking to an empty place on the other side.
Rig wait for devilskin Fey. Fey no match. Rig easily pin devilskin down.
Haymakeru more nimble. Rig not let go.
Rig Ring King. Rig invincible.

The Threat

Fey Enigma

Frightening and cursing.
No No Rig not run. Rig studied.
Good punches.
But easy pin down.