by bloodhunter

DM: Geokhan

Amnon, Birk, Cober(and Anhinga), Ildan, Nag'ini, Shozhu

Still shook from the previous outing I gathered my pack and gear for the road building expedition. Meeting the others at Axe&Thistle we introduced ourselves. I remembered Cober was from my first outing. His skill in healing aided me during a battle after I took an arrow to my chest. The others however where new to me but having Cober did ease my tension. We were to protect the builders as they worked on the road.

We made to the spot about mid day and the workers began their craft. As they were toiling away these strange automaton creatures with spider like appendages appeared on the horizon. We watched them for a moment, then attempted to communicate with them as they approached. Our attempt only yielded a beeping sounds, however the creatures seemed to understand and encroached closer. Seeing no alternative, we chose to attack these constructs as they continued to approach and surround us. The battle was intense and a couple of the workers fell before we could dispatch all the constructs. Attacking with metal did damage them, however in doing so we notice that the constructs would also damage your weapon. Metal armor was also damaged by coming into contact with the creatures. So if encounters again I must remember to take them out before they get close if possible. We finished off the rest and work on the road a bit more before breaking for camp.

One of the worker found an abandoned mind and the group chose not to enter but send Cober’s feathered friend to scout it out. It did find anything however it noticed a strong arachnid odder. Some we set camp further a way and kept an eye out to ensure whatever it was would not sneak up on us in the night. We ate dinner then selected who would take watch. Remember the tragedy of the previous night I want to make sure no one without the ability to see in darkness was alone with out light or someone with the ability. Sometime during the night a horse wondered into camp with wounds Birk said were from a bear. Apparently the little fellow is able to speak with animals and the horse told him the it was attacked by a bear that pulled its rider from the saddle. It would remain with us for a while after that.

Before the night was over our camp was approached by humanoid creature with the head of birds. They said our campfire alerted them. They basically came to investigate why reason for being here. After some small talk we convinced them we meant no harm and would be moving on after completing this area of the road. They didn’t seem like a threat but possibly our numbers were greater then they could handle and decided against a fight. At any rate we complete a nights rest and at dawn the work crew continued their work.

Later in the day as we were moving out further we came upon a huge burnt field. It brought up the memory of the creature summoned by the strange cultist and I relayed that information to the others. Since it was mile south of us I don’t think the other cared much for the information but I kept an extra eye out not wanting to be surprised by the monstrous fire beast.

As we continued the work a pact a gigantic hyenas attempted to surround us. The worker not wanting anymore losses immediately got behind us. Only one manage to get pass our defense and attack one of the work crew but with a few blast and a well place joke from Ildan, the work was able to get way. The site of the beast laughing on the ground was quite the site to be sure. with one out of they fight we easier finished off the rest. Birk was even able to befriend one of the hyenas from what I heard but it ran away before I could see. We wrapped up another day and made camp.

Sometime during the night a fellow named Griz Walton showed up. It seems that he was the horses owner, so I return to my bedroll and let the others deal with the situation. Waking up to another beautiful dawn we continued another day of work. Completing our task without further incident. One of the crew from another hole that some of the other went into. find what appeared to be ruins of some sort. Perhaps I will be part of the party who gets to explore it further. For now I am just glad we get to return to town.