DM: Revy
PCs: BowBow, Elril, Sylvan, Tohil, Zubbu, Jax

Some time had past since I last vent outside of town. It felt good to venture again and it became familiar quite fast. Elril was warding some of us from death and gave some inspiring speeches as​​​​ BowBow was leading us with supreme speed to some goblin clan called “Big Eye” in the Whisper Woods.
Sunset was near as we were reaching the the outskirts of the Woods. Tohil and I were warning the others that it would be better to rest outside the Whisper Woods and go in there during the day, as they are known for being dangerous and I have seen often enough that people listen to their whispers and freak out. But those crazy youths were not listening and wanting to sleep in the Woods.
As soon as we entered the whispers started coming. Knowing the woods I was prepared but the others had more problems and during BowBow’s and my watch, he ran away. I tried to hold him back with a grasping vine but in his fear he evaded and darted farther off I tried to follow him and so did Zubbu, as i quickly had woken up the rest of us. BowBow had come to his senses and I could see Will-o’-Wisps near him. I called out to Zubbu and BowBow to fall back to the camp and get behind me and as they returned the Will-o’-Wisps flickered for a moment and disappeared.

Although I anticipated more problems with those damn Will-o’-Wisps their sudden attack as we were together at the camp again surprised me. I came just in time, to heal BowBow after the Will-o’-Wisps shocked him quite hard. I was a bit sad that I got no sweet schocking dose my self from them, but BowBow quickly dispatched the remaining ones.
After this encounter and the continues whisper the others followed Tohil’s and my lead to camp outside. Seeing that the rest of us was not well prepared and we had no Paladin with us to lessen the mind-affecting whispers, we decide to help some road building instead of messing around more with the Whisper Woods. So we head back to Ruined Oak, hiring some workers.
On Our way back to town we passed some Statues to the south of the road but did not investigate.
A bit later we came across a merchant caravan of Salafast. He had some nice armors to sell. Among others, there was a nice adamantium plate. Salafast was heading towards the inn in the Mountains, to which we were trying to build the road and promised to reserve one set of adamantium plate for 2600 GP as long as he would halt at that Inn.
After we set off with the workers, they started working on the road, while I provided food and Water granted by Eldath. A duo of boar-like creatures were running towards us, followed by some strange looking ogres.

Tohil was talking to them in Giant. It seemed they wanted to get their boars. I quickly charmed the animals with the help of Eldath and said to Tohil, they would now be calm for a little. Tohil repeated my words to the ogres and backed away, to show them we were not interested in their boars. I followed his example and the ogres took their animals and left.
We made some progress on the Road, as some skeletal looking, devil-like abomination came flying towards us from the skies.

I pulled out my Wand and throw some Lightning at it. We damaged it heavily but it just started pulling rips out, making minions and flew towards Sylvan. BowBow tried to jump up to it, but it was still too high in the air. Elril was surrounded by the smaller minions, luckily most of them failed their attempts hit him. He misty stepped away and blasted the big abomination. As it died, it and all of the little ones burned from the inside out and the danger was over.
After getting some more road finished we headed back to ruined oak, passing some ruins to the south-east. just as we were getting off the bridge, a huge monstrosity was following us.

As we had to care for the safety of the workers first, we quickly retreated, shielding them from any harm. we pushed on during the night and safely made it back to Ruined Oak.