an encounter in the silent woods

DM: Oatsy

Players: Boo Dah, Maximus, Urias, Lidian, Tanathra, Tar.

Well another day another mission, this time it was from the mayor or governor of Ruined Oak, who was hardly the person we wanted to say no too.  So, we set off on the request to patrol the road connecting Ruined Oak with White Moon Cove and in no more than a couple of hours into it we came across a small band of commoners, who were being toyed with by a bunch of thugs.  We quickly followed Boo Dah’s lead and pressed the thug thus buying the commoners time to slip away.  Unfortunately, the lone guard that was with the commoners was cut down at the start of the conflict, luckily, we were able to revive him later after dispatching all but one of the thugs.  In the aftermath there was a great split in the party, for at this point half of us just wanted to string the thug up, and the other half wanted to pump him for information.  If took a great deal of time to interrogate the thug but the time spent was well worth it as we discovered the following information.

1.       He was a thug.

2.       He was with the other thugs we just killed.

3.       They had previously at some point made a campfire somewhere. (possible search quest?)

4.       They had attacked others, so this was not their first day at it.

So, after learning this the party was still split as to hang or release this thug. It was finally suggested that we tie him up and send him back to town with the commoners, so after a good admonishing, being robbed of all possessions, and given some tips on how to be a productive member of society we sent the thug with the commoners on their way. (apparently, they never made it to Ruined Oak).

After leaving the last encounter behind us we ran into some bad weather and loud thunder and took shelter under a rock for the night.  I do remember having a strange sensation before we set up camp, which was very similar  to when we approached the tower in https://sleeperisland.obsidianportal.com/adventure-log/land-lubbing. So, I think whatever is causing it is persistent in that area.

The next day we traveled on and came across a scene of carnage as bloody bodies littered the road, there was no signs of the attacker save for wagon tracks leading off into the silent wood, which was lived up to its name.  There we came to a small clearing and found large amount of wooden debris which may have been the remains of the wagon.  Boo Dah, Maximus, and I moved out as the front line to secure the area while the support group, Urias, Lidian, Tanathra began their investigation of the wreckage.  It was then when several of the bushes lashed out at the front line and we soon found ourselves racked with poison.  The support group then moved in to position and began to destroy the bushes with fire while using support magic to bolster us.

If you see this creature attack it immediately.

However no sooner had the bushes been dispatched a swarm of red eyed blights rushed us from the wood line along our northern and southern flanks. Maximus and I held the south. I took the form of the bear and Urias bolster us with the spirit of the bear, while entangling a pack of the blight along with Maximus. This seem to be a good tacit as even while restrained Maximus defenses held true and he was still able to hack away at the enemy. I kept getting grappled by one of the blights and soaked up much damage, but this allowed the support team the freedom of maneuver they needed to rain destruction on the enemy. 

Unfortunately, the northern flank did not fair so well as Boo Dah was overran with the support group falling back to the center. Despite the loss of Boo Dah we were able to finally dispatch the enemy and regroup.  It was then when I witnessed Boo Dah being unceremoniously looted for everything he was worth at least they let me dig a hole to bury his body there in the forest, but before we could finish saying our last words to him, we spotted a large tree like creature moving towards us. Somebody was saying something about a forest elder or forest lord, but I didn’t stick around long enough to ask them anymore questions.  As we all retreated from the forest the large tree person unearthed Boo Dah body and began wrapping it in vines.

Back on the road we traveled a little farther east and encountered a wispy plant creature moving slowly across the field enjoying an afternoon snack.  Since it was not a murderous humanoid the party almost immediately attacked it without once pumping it for information or giving it a civics lesson and it was quickly dispatched. It seems that it was munching on some humanoids remains that had turn to jelly.

Tired from the days ordeal we set up camp near the road and I was attacked by a giant snake.  Fortunately, we were able to reconcile our differences and the snake went on its way.  Having no more encounters that night we headed back to Ruined Oak to report our finding an happened across a large access well, which turn out to be dedicated to Lathandar, which was Maximus deity.  The water turned out to have some magical property which lasted for an hour or so.  Maximus told me that had he known he could have summoned celestial aid, but I am glad we didn’t need it.

During the last part of our journey we encountered several trees occupied by what seem to be hundreds of squirrels, they seemed friendly enough but with being so close to being back to an inn we pressed on.   What a trip.