I went out with some guys the other day and we spent most of the time listening to Eight give all the information about everything to a random traveler (Ronda) on the road. While he was telling her every single piece of intelligence about Mirandia and the AFK, he also managed to buy a cheap scroll of Banishment from her which made Cober very happy.

Once we managed to find the courage to shut him up so she can be on her way, we were able to make some actual progress on the roadwork.
The rest of the time, we started the construction for the road south of Mirandia and built about twelve of the eighteen miles that were commissioned before having to turn back after some unfortunate civilian losses. It had started raining and the weather attracted some ugly flying creatures that posed no danger to us but took a some nasty bites out of the juicy workers.

Whether we would have finished our work if not for the Ronda situation is anyone’s guess.

During that time, we were also witness to a sacrifice by some orcs. They turned invisible before we were able to reach them but their belongings included live hearts in jars. I thought we should keep the hearts and bring them to town for further investigation but the group thought best to smash them in case the cultists came back for them, which made no sense to me.

There is to bet that this is not the last we’ll see of this cult.