DM: Rasz Players: Hanna, Gin, Toot, Aether, Ezhnera, Elghinn

What a nature filled adventure, I had been relaxing at the Bitter Dwarf Tavern contemplating using the mint sprig I found to make a Mojito when soft music began to descend form the rafters above. Looking up I saw a sea elf who put chiseled statues to shame. Before I could comment, I was up to my neck in adventures. Should have been my que to hit the door.

Gin a spring Eladrin swashbuckler,
Toot the Kenku tempest cleric,
Aether and Ezhnera both palemasters, Drow and Githyanki respectively,
and the sea elf monk that was singing Elghinn

There must be some invisible force that ether brings adventures together in times of need. Or its some cosmic joke that makes trouble happen whenever they do. Purhaps both.

Because shortly after, a man came stumbling up the road, exhausted and clutching his sword. Donall, as his named turned out to be, had been trying to fend off undead swarming his farm. Eventually he was forced to fall back and seek help, the poor man had run day and night to reach Ruin Oak. Rallying behind me, my fellow adventures set off to put the shamblers back in the ground, and save any who still remained!

So we set off to the farm, map above, with all do haste. Only stopping once for the night so we would arrive with enough strength to clear the farm. We were accosted a few times in our rest, but under my tactical leadership we prevailed

The next day we reached the farm, after a quick scouting, we engaged the undead horde. Pitched as the battle was, once again I lead the squad to a clean victory.

What would they do without me?

Under the Farmhouse was a massive church, in the center was the same symbol we found on several necklaces worn by some of the zombiefied farmers above. Along the floors and some of the walls, blueish channels converged on the symbol in the middle of the room. After some quick investigation we discovered that “charging” the orbs in the lighting pit to the right and slotting them in recesses would cause sections of the symbol to light up.

Que the montage of two stupid hero’s running around chasing balls

Once all the sections where lit up the platform began to slowly descend.

Down below we found the… creature that had assaulted this place of worship. A strange combination of human an ghoul. He had the ability to draw out the shadows of the dead and send them to kill us. Even a being lightly brushed by one of the dark forms would sap away your strength. My rapier found ill purchase on their forms, thankfully the magic of my allies had no such issues.

Once the fiend was dispatched and the shadows broken, we found the room he was trying to access. Trees roots and plants where surrounding a massive crystal with the body of a woman within. Useing my keen detective ability I was able to draw forth the Fey sprite that rested within.

Lella, she called herself. Seemed trustworthy enough, if a bit air headed. She told us the body within the crystal was, or perhaps is, hers.

She told use that see had seen the symbol on the necklaces, but only form a long time ago.

That she was the one causing the plants to grow around the crystal. Called them her children.

We left the dead bodies to her to use in “renewing the land”.

Donall said he had seen her before, but oddly he didn’t know about the church under his farm. If that was his farm, possible he was just hired help.

Lella rewarded us with coins, very, very old coins.

With the day saved, we headed home. Stronger, wiser, and most importantly, as friends.