Dm: Seph

Yatari, Ogis, Valorean, Cade, and Zoren

Greetings my little devils. So we got sent to retrieve the body of a halfling and had to go to one of Ezikiels labyrinths. The journey went amazing and fast. That new guard post is perfect for a good night’s rest. Didn’t have to sleep in the open air the entire mission.

So we rolled up to what the orders called the Nope Rope Cave. We combed through the labyrinth following the corpses of the dead creatures the last party fought. Eventually found the halfling’s body laying next to an out of place stalagtite. Soooo I finally got to do the thing I’ve been trying to learn how to do and got to open up with a big hot fireball!

Everyone was on their A-game and we quickly took it out. Zoren got reeled in by it so I landed a good punch line and the roper let go of him as he fell to the floor laughing. Probably the highlight of my day. Some cute little gibbering mothers showed up due to the noise but we dispatched them quickly.

We hurried through into a big room where we fought some grells and eventually another roper that tried to sneak upon us. It grabbed ogis but with some quick thinking, we handled it. I went digging through the ropper for undigestiables and found a really keen looking Maul and Shield that we found out was magical. Valorean currently has them for sale.

We made our way back and ogis found some Gricks so as we tried to kill them off, a really good friend of mine showed up… I don’t recall his name but he was a floating fish skeleton thing. Then Cade went and killed him… at first I was mortified then I realized I didn’t really like him anyway. Followed behind him was a serpent man that was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he did not survive long. He was wearing these cute slippers which valorean has on sale too! They let you walk on walls. Really nifty.

After that, we felt like we had enough excitement so we grabbed the charred halfling body. Loaded up in the war wagon and headed home. On the way, we spotted a new dungeon creation of eziekiel’s. That crazy gnome may be a lot of things, but lazy isn’t one of them. I’ve included a drawing of wear the new spot is. It’s in the North Eastern part.