DM: Calmseeker


  1. SlyOkami, Dexter, Wizard 4
  2. Olli, Kepesk, Kepesk, Druid 2
  3. Geokhan, IronAle, Barbarian 4
  4. tsi88, IronGonzo, Warlock 3
  5. FireEverath, Hillval, Cleric 4
  6. Mots, Diego, Rogue 3
  7. TempyVixen, Inti, Cleric 4
  8. Kage, HcSsej, Sorcerer 2

“If you’re a cleric you won’t be in any mortal danger, you’ll have people keeping you away from the front lines of combat” if only the priests at the temple could see how wrong they were. Some days I wonder if they only told me that to get me out of the temple. Anyways I digress, to say my adventures up until this last one has been “fun” or what some may call fun. I have met a lot of interesting people and some annoyances through my travels.

This last adventure really put me through the ringer, we were going to help Sitaris  find one of his former thralls Reynard who decided to betray him and start working with a mage named Cubert and take refuge in an underground cave we had explored in a pervious mission. Seemed simple enough with seven other adventures one of them being a cleric as well I figured we be Ok and would not have too much of a problem taking this creature down. It was a quite trip back to the tavern where would meet our new “friend”, still do not trust that abomination. Upon our arrival a few members of our party noticed a man being assaulted by some creature that looked like a floating skull. Our party rushed to their aid only for the creature to immediately retreat.  The person being assaulted turned out to be Sitaris and thanked us for our aid went over a few details that I didn’t pay attention to as I kept my distance from him and paid for our evening at the tavern. The evening was fairly uneventful as the group relaxed in the inn as gonzo put on one of his many performances, I have to admit I found him quite annoying at first but I am slowly beginning to enjoy having him around. During the merriment Inti mentioned something about someone needing help and rushed out the tavern, by the time I had reached everyone else it had seemed the situation was dealt with and we had all returned to rest for the night.

Traveling to the cave was uneventful, we came across a decrepit looking building that I did not pay much attention to and found ourselves at the entrance to the cave. After entering we took a right at the first intersection in the cave and entered a larger area in the cave with crystals that seemed to arc lightning between themselves. Not long after I heard someone yell “Intruders” I responded to the voice that we were not intruders and only seeking a man named Reynard to which we were promptly attacked. I know not what happened during most of the fight, all I can remember after surviving a volley of attacks by who I was told to be Reynard I was engulfed by some kind of slime with searing pain being the only thing I remember as I was in and out of consciousness until finally one of the others had managed to slay the slime that had captured me. I had no time to catch my breath as Reynard was attacking the rest of the group. Our leader Dexter had opened a small hole in the celling of the cave to allow sunlight in over Reynard, seeing the vampire try to avoid the direct light I fired my strongest spell at the cavern roof causing a huge hole to open engulfing the vampire in daylight. As I prepared my second attack my spell fizzled and ended up hitting me instead. To add insult to injury one of our newest adventurers Ssej decided he would take it upon himself to “show” me how to attack an enemy. I am not sure what all transpired after my failed attempt at attacking Reynard all I know is shortly afterwards the vampire was slain, and my pride had taken another huge blow.

After the battle had been won, we promptly exited the cave only to be approached by the magician known as Cubert. He asked us to pass a message to Sitaris asking “if the death of his subordinate was enough to stop him from pursing the magician”. With the entire group worn out from the battle we all agreed to pass the message along and took the trek back to the inn where Sitaris was waiting. We returned the sword of his former spawn as well as relayed the message from Cubert, to which I’m assuming he agreed to end his pursuit of the mage.

All I can say is I hope that weird hobgoblin with the odd hat on her head never finds out about what happened in that cave or I’ll never be able to live it down… just like that damned chicken at the farm, but that is a story for another time.