DM_ Geokhan

Adventures- Don, Glanfath, Karn, Mathis, Poindexter, Scritch, Tingork

Mission log of Tingork the gloom assassin,

This last week has been one hell of a week, it started out like any other day drinking with friends. Little did I know what would happen in the next few days. We decided to see if we could help the neathy woods. As we walked down the road, I was making sure we were taking the right path. Our scout must have dozed off or was daydreaming that the crossroads we were jumped by some vail monsters. The first little ones where some skeletons that blood running out of their head as soon as you hit them their blood would gush out and it seemed to protect it from some damage. After taking down a few in the distant came some giant looking blood things. They cast some crazy spells and they would throw huge rocks at the front line. After killing them we continued to travel to the tavern, we stayed the night. When we woke up, we headed out to the woods. We came across one of the twins as a wolf after talking to him about the condition of the woods. He told us his brother and grandmother are in the north of the woods protecting it as best they can. He is protecting the south, he also told us of some ruins that have been causing some trouble. We told him that we would check on it, as we were heading to the ruins. We came across some dead bodies that really seemed to unsettle the rest of the party. To me it looked like something the nasty dog gnolls would do I was just filled with anger. We set up camp near the ruins and had a mostly peaceful night. Then the next day we made it to the ruins before we went in, I cast a spell to help us not to be seen or heard. Going in it was one of the best places for me the darkness. Feeling at home I quickly hid from all-knowing that anything could happen, we explored some of the rooms I tried to stay away from Glen and Karn they had some lights and I can’t do as much in the light as I can in the sweet embrace of the dark. We found a mural of death and gruesome blood rites, at the end of it was a T in the hallway some windchimes sounds where coming from the south we all got ready to see what was in there. Knowing what I know now I wish with everything I have we never opened the door. Glan opened the door and as soon as a baby dragon thing tried to freeze the front line with a breath attack, and we all heard a gonging sound. After killing the dragons looking around, I noticed a monster running to get out of the way of that pesky light I saw the little scritch looked to have been grabbed by a big bug thing. Changing my target, I shot the bug with two arrows in between its armor-like shell. After killing it I ran down the hall to be closer to scritch, I saw some ugly spider things. Karn, Scritch, and I fought we heard fighting behind us. After killing the last of the spiders, I was trapped down a dead-end room hiding from Karns light and a big ball of flame for some reason Karn thought it would be a good idea to bite it. Which I think gave him heartburn, after killing it the giant man came into my view for a few seconds beating the hell out of Karn. Don came out of nowhere to heal Karn after she healed him her and her house came down the hallway with me. After a few seconds, the giant man crushed the dead fire guy he seemed to buff him, which scared me I did not want to get anywhere near him. Then he started after Karn again easily downing the almost invincible Karn. I was starting to think they would all die I had planned on hiding in the pit trap hopefully unseen till I could sneak out. We got Karn back up and the daft man started to come down the hallway with me with his dumb light I almost shot him to as angry and worried as I was about our impending doom. As he moved, I saw a floating beak think which I shot ASAP. Next to them was this odd-looking rock guy and I did not like the way it looked. Lucky gland and other came for the big guy as don ran away with a potion od displacement. His horse ran away to be with him, Karn hid in the corner scared and weaponless. I heard the big guy yell in tomb them so I could only guess what that meant as the rock guy turned to stone in the doorway, shooting one rock man and downing I dashed out to the main hallway yelling to Karn to come along before the whole door was blocked. As I came into the hallway, I saw a hellscape poor little scritch was drug away, and Poindexter dead on the ground. Mathis was just getting back up; we all ran away tears flowing down my face with the loss of our brothers in arms. Hiding and running as fast as we could we made it back to the same tavern. The people there asked us how the mission had faired and would not let the dead rest or get the hint that we have been through hell. I snapped flatly telling them they died, as soon as I did, I went to the bar to drink myself into a sweet forgetting bliss.