A guy named Stue asked us to check out some ruins found by a team of our own while clearing out a farming area around Mirandia.

We headed out there and went through a hole to reach the first level. The place was desolate and, as expected, in ruins, the wood was rotten and skeletons had half-way turned to dust. As we approached a strange door, a ghost appeared and before I had finished blinking, someone had taken care of it. Didn’t even get the chance to ask their name and why they’re haunting the place. I think there was a second ghost right after that but I don’t remember. I must have blinked again.

The door presented us with a puzzle. Five levers, each with an inscription under it providing a clue as to order in which they were to be activated for the door to open. The inscriptions were in different languages and only two of them were known to us. Eight, ever the halfwit, started pulling at levers at random (he would say it was not and then would offend you with some terrible knowledge of probabilities). Not being able to stand the repeated sounds of each failure, I stepped away to prepare a ritual I learned recently to understand all languages. Then, after Eight had tried a million combinations driving everyone crazy, the ritual was finished and we were able to devise the solution like the educated people that we clearly are not.

Once downstairs, we did some light looting before Eight of course robbed the ruby eyes of a gargoyle that promptly animated to bludgeon him to death. It warmed up by obliterating Tingork’s familiar that had the misfortune of being next to it and then knocked the teeth out of Eight with a single other blow. It was about to raise the overall AFK IQ by ridding us of Eight but the fucker escaped at the last moment with a timely conjuration of a magic shield. I should get that spell.

We brought that dangerous thing down and out of it popped a small creature made of flesh that looked like the gargoyle. We killed that thing too with no time for questions. For good measure, we made sure to bring down the other gargoyles in case something was hiding in there too but only the one with rubies seemed to be like that. We searched the place thoroughly and then left to tell Stew that the place was cleared but that we planned to go back and spend the night after some evening relaxation.

On our way there, we ran into a really fast rabbit that didn’t have time to stop and talk. I hesitated to command him magically to stop so Eight ran after him for a little while but was not able to keep up. He got some information out of it and we noticed a parchment that dropped out of his bag. I picked it up and the language was not known to any of us thought it did have some resemblance to Elvish. We took the time to cast a spell to be able to read it, understanding that this was an invitation to a very special meeting with someone from the fey court. We decided to look into it some other time and continue our mission, hoping the rabbit wouldn’t be in trouble for having lost his invitation.

The night at the ruins was uneventful. No more ghosts showed up outside of the ones that were in Eight’s spooky stories.