GM: Seph
Leader: Kita
Trailblazer: Zauberer
Scout: Tarynn

Dear all,
I am glad to be speaking to you about my latest adventure.
Having eagerly agreed to see more of the island, with the captain Kita heading the way, I was introduced to the rest of the group. These were Gax, an Orc in Lizardfolk skin, Medicus, a Cleric (at least he mentioned some chap called Palor a lot, who I believe to be a God), Zauberer, a very capable fellow, Tarynn, who is apparently just like Kita, a caster, and a pirate, who fills her flasks full of alcohol.
The start of our adventure was uneventful, thankfully. We travelled once again along the West Road, and turned south at the fork. Making our way to the very end of the road this time, we camped for the night, which fantastically, was very uneventful.
The following day, we traveller to the abode of one Brock O. Lee, who is a Bugbear. His companions are two ogres, Dee and Dum. He seems well known in the area and trades with the local folk, as he was in the middle of the trade of some pigs when we arrived. Upon seeing we had bought a keg (I should have mentioned that at the beginning, we pulled it along with us on a shield), bought the pigs and we proceeded to feast the rest of the day away, exchanging tales of the local area, and specifically, a place where a doormaker was seen. Brock even helped by giving Kita a doorknob, which indeed held some magical properties. Fortuitous is the word you would say. As we got merry, the ogres, in their roughhousing, knocked over and Orc statue, which took some interesting magic of mending on the part of Medicus, and the brute strength of the ogres to restore it to its position. I completely forgot to ask who the fellow was. We made camp, sated on ale, pig, and the contents of Tarynn’s alcohol filled flasks.

A Nothic

Day 2:
Heading in the direction of the dungeon, where Kita had previously explored, we found it relatively quickly into our day. Making our way down, we did not take the left hand path in the dungeon, which we later learned was very lucky indeed, but that story is for later. We made our way around the the first room. Even before we crossed the threshold, a Nothic blocked the way, and in the cramped conditions of the hall, we struggled to get past, all bar Tarynn who seemed to gracefully leap over the creature, I did not realise the Tieflings had such powerful legs.
Making my way slightly forward, and leaving Zauberer to guard the rear, and tend hopefully, to Kita’s blindness (some sort of light explosion injury), I managed to strike it with my beam magic, which was quite effective. Over the course of several seconds, and much bashing the creature died. It did however, manage to fall on Tarynn, inuring her, as far as I could tell. We made our way in, intending to rest, but not ten minutes later, we were set upon by a pack of Intellect Devourers. I shudder at those monsters and their masters. Quickly, we roused, and in the space of mere moments, Kita showed why she was the leader of this expedition, by using exemplary lightning magic to bring down the three creatures. We then managed to take a successful rest.

Intellect Devourer

About a half hour later, we were sufficiently recovered to start looking about. Gax had an idea. Taking the doorknob, he… felt? Is that the correct term? Where an opening was. Using his staff, he managed to trigger a compartment that held a scroll, which we had trouble deciphering. I realised I could put my ability to comprehend languages to use here, and set about deciphering. Just as I had finished understanding the text, which I discovered was in Gnomish, another Nothic appeared at a different opening. This time, the odds were definitely in our favour, quickly surrounding this thing and dispatching it before it could do any damage. I cannot remember what it actually said, but the idea was a fight between two brothers and a decent into madness on the writers behalf.
We agreed that this was not the place to find the Gnome, and maybe we should leave before anybody else came to investigate the loud noises we were making. Just as we were about to make it out, out of the corridor we had initially passed, came the sounds of Ankhegs. I could not move fast enough, and managed to have a chunk bitten out of me by one of the insects.
Kita, with quick thinking, distracted it with a fireball, and Medicus and Lauberer, who were behind me, managed to escape unscathed. In the excitement, I managed to not have enough time to extract anything of usefulness from the bodies.

An Ankheg

Having been healed by Medicus, we travelled back to Brock O. Lee, to tell him of his new neighbours. Incidentally, Brock is preparing for a hunt of what he calls the Solar Bear, what he deems an impressive beast, that appears once a year. He has challenged it several times, but to no avail. Maybe this would be a good opportunity to help the locals, and also see a singular sight.
We left Brock O Lee’s and made camp just as we were coming to the South Road, and again, thankfully, no night encounters were had. The next day, as it is not even worth mentioning, we travelled back to the city. I hope everyone has gained something from this expedition, and maybe some new crew for Kita.

Thank you for reading,