DM: Geokhan
PCs: Khaos, Birk, Quinn, Rose, Abel, Q’ithos

This log is dedicated to Q’ithos, whose sacrifice allowed the rest of us to survive and to complete the task we had set out to do – finishing Thunder Dwarf Way. I remembered starting the construction on the road, and seeing it completed was a nice feeling for sure. The cost for completion was much higher than anticipated, of course, but nevertheless it’s good to know that we’ve done some good for the town.

The signs were clear that something dangerous was lurking around the area. After an uneventful day of travel, we reached our construction site and set up camp. As evening came and we started to rest, 2 humanoids approached our camp speaking Elvish. They seemed nice, but we were wary – this island holds many dangers, as I’ve come to learn. They told us about this creature they were tracking, a lone, hooded figure, and told us to be careful. They went on their way, and we went back to sleep.

During my shift, we were attacked by a bunch of Baboons and a pack of strange woman-lions hybrids. I do have to say, I was quite fascinated by the woman-lions, but that might have been a side effect of something they were doing with their voice. Only after one of them struck me did I see that they were a threat. They were strong, but we managed to deal with them, and go back to bed.

As building began the next morning, we felt a huge tremor which knocked some people to their feet. Near the building site, we found a large crack on the floor – 100ft long, 10ft wide. We decided to leave it be. Other than that, the only other event of note was this huge Wooly Rhinocerous we saw in the distance. It stayed decently far away, and I watched it long enough to learn its form. It sure was majestic!

After the first day of completion, we set up camp yet again. It was a relatively uneventful night – we found a dirty well, which had junk and dead animals in it. Our camp also got raided by some Cranium rats, but we zapped most of them, and the rest ran away.

The next morning, we set off yet again to finish the last stretch of Thunder Dwarf Way. As we started the bend, we heard explosions in the distance, and saw a small keep being attacked. We decided not to meddle with local happenings too much, but we decided to report this for future adventurers to pursue, if they so wish. Behind a small hill, we also saw a small trail of smoke from behind it. Quinn and Valor took flight to scout ahead, and noticed 2 humanoids with a big snake cooking a meal. We decided also to leave them to their meal.

As we completed the final stretch of the road and hunkered down for the night, we congratulated ourselves on finishing the work, and prepared to rest up before heading back to town. Khaos’s bardic quips had kept moral high through most of the journey, and we did well enough. Little did we know, things were very quickly about to head south.

During the first watch, a creepy woman floated near our camp site, speaking a strange language. Khaos woke us up, but very quickly, we saw her beginning to cast a spell, and we leaped into action. She summoned an army of Giant crabs that begin grabbing at us. On hindsight, we really should have went for her first.

Her giant crabs kept us locked down as they grappled us in their claws, as she threw spell after spell at us. Abel and Q’ithos fell multiple times, and even I was reduced from my wolf form down to unconsciousness in one hit by the caster. It took the combined effort of Quinn & Valor’s Goodberry delivery, and Rose’s healing, to keep us standing. However, when Q’ithos fell once more while striking at the caster, and Rose sent forth a healing spell, he did not rise. But the damage he had done to the caster allowed me, in Giant Toad form, to take the caster down with a final bite.

Licking our wounds, we did what we can to pay respects to Q’ithos. We continued our rest, and made our way back to town. Thankfully, nothing else threatened our journey home, and the rest of us made it back safely.

A summary of things that we spotted during our expedition.
Some quick sketches I made on our journey. Truly a strange collection of creatures.