DM: Geokhan
PCs: Naal (Yours truly), Chemist, Te’sil, Grey, Tohil and Jax.

Day 1:
Ruined city by marshland NW of PM. Spotted Lizardfolk spear-fishing.

Ship got caught on a kelp forest for a while.
Natural sanctuary with plenty of game, beautiful waterfall spewing fresh water into the sea.
Generally uneventful.

Night 1:
Massive fire spotted NE. Volcanic island. About 12 miles off the jungle previously discussed. [207]

Possible natural harbor spotted by one end of the eastern river.
Massive pyramid structure spotted by the other, didn’t appeared barbarian or lizardfolk in making.

Moving star, not a comet, disappeared SW. Phoenix?
Fog and mist began to pour from the coast, the crew expertly maneuvered around it.
Day 2:
Came across a black beach.

Black Monolith or Pillar on a valley, of seeming religious relevance, covered in mist at the northernmost tip of the island.

Then a coral reef.
We crested the northern edge of the Isle, heading SW right now.
Colossal Creature spotted a mile away from the ship, half a mile wide. The mother of all Turtles. Didn’t appeared aggressive, we didn’t chanced it. Chemist studied it with a divination spell: it seemed young and non-draconic. It’s sported a shipwreck on it’s back and was feeding off a kelp forest.


It seemed to regard Te’sil, Grey and Chemist as it did the whole ecosystem on it’s back when they approached flying/with Dimension Door. Te’sil made the forest of kelp double in size magically. Grey managed to communicate mystically with it, saying it was called MORZ. Then MORZ said ‘Council’ when inquired if this was it’s habitat. Is MORZ on the council are the Council all massive turtles? Stay tunned. (I guess it meant this was the Council’s home). Didn’t knew it’s age, either. Wasn’t aware of the ship on it’s back. Didn’t seemed to mind if the trio explored it. The ship was watered down, worn and very decrepit. The trio encountered an Illusion marked iron desk. They touched it and a secret compartment popped open with some sort of tin box inside. It was trapped with a poisonous blade, but it was washed away and stuck there with rust. Inside were two scrolls. The ship was called the HARKON. MORZ was then introduced to the party, and he acknowledged that he had heard of Chemist, but wasn’t allowed to tell how. Ominous.
One of the scrolls was a continental map. The other was a picture of some kind of mystical chamber – We managed to make out the word Yuan-ti from the drawing with Comprehend Languages – it may be Abyssal. [213 & 214]

Is that Katashaka in some past era?
You can clearly read ‘YUAN-TI’ in those glyph, or so Chemist claims.

We later came onto a massive coastal citadel. Also with the distinct pyramidal architecture.

A deserted river city with the pyramidal structures, plus a gate to bar the river and what appeared to have been a guardian statue now crumbled to the side. [216]

This looks like the capital to an extinct empire. Imagine the riches hidden there.

Night 2:
Came across bubbling water, turns out it was a fresh water stream bubbling up. Stumbled into a Sandbar. The crew set into trying to dislodge the ship from it.
Some carnivorous creature 500 feet away from the ship displayed itself. Chemist tried to study it with his Arcane Eye. [218]

On my watch I spotted a huge volcanic storm approaching unnaturally fast, the smell of sulfur and ash filling our nostrils, the lightning taking on red hues. Suddenly specters attacked! followed by zombies clawing their way up the main deck or appearing where lightning struck the ship. We were in an phantom storm. To the zombies, ghouls followed. Did we died and went to the Abyss? After all that, a flash of green lightning hit the deck and some sort of undead phoenix hit the deck.

Stupid birb.

Te’sil promptly charmed the huge bird to dive for an iron nail, eventually we cleaned the upper deck from all the abominations, managed to keep the crew safe.

Day 3:
Came across this crystal, demonic keep on the coast, they began to shot ballistae at us. It may be the Blood Citadel of Tzaran? There were Gnolls and a huge mixture of Dragon and Minotaur. Te’sil used a big illusion to screen the ship from attack.
Then we came across a wooded island. Also volcanic, no fires.

Tzaran, are you there, you big fucking nerd?!

Night 3:
There seemed to be a submerged house at some point.
Kraken’s grave (brim black water), apparently it’s imperative you don’t disturb the site with loud noises.
On my watch I spotted some spires due to the East, 6 miles away from us. There was a castle on top of it.

Day 4:
Came across some whales, then a massive three mast ship – it sported no flag and was sailing due West. Then more ships, also without banners.
Finally we arrived at Trader’s Bay [223]. We were directed to South Bay, the foreigners quarter. The Benefactor of the Starsails was someone known as Erogoimist [Terran].
Ogres, giants, kenku and humans dotted the docks. No spell above cantrip level, this is a neutral zone – unsanctioned killing is punishable by death.

There’s a teleportation circle (with a cost attached), controlled by “circle masters” aka the “circle of jerks”.
There’s a magic item auction, an arena (three tiers, different difficulties, against humanoids or captured monsters), and a brothel catering to all planar tastes.
Most of the crates were unmarked – shipping lines are zealously guarded.
We’ve discovered that Trader’s Bay would be interested in trading with PM if it can “handle the trade” and if it has a harbor.
We’ve discovered most of the trading comes by a planar portal off in the sea. There were even Khenra trading here, albeit not at an official capacity.
We’ve discovered that Trader’s Bay apparently operates with the Council’s blessing.
Most of the warehouses aren’t set up to storage but for swapping.
We’ve learned nearly all the trade of the city is conducted by sea.

The Teleportation Circle is most often used to reach a location in the jungle beyond the mountain range concealing the Bay. It costs 50gp to use the circle (ie, get here), and 100gp to learn it’s glyph. Ask Te’sil for it if you want to visit. After doing some shopping, we teleported back to RO.


Trader’s Bay.