DM Geokhan

Yatari, Valorean, Joule, ogris,  Vreala, Zak, hanah, and Trashy Nahil.

Our route

Well little devils, I have a story for you. First of all, I get to add the savior of the world to my growing list of titles. I have helped to stop the threat of Gorgontillian along with some very brave stalwart adventurers, also that one tramp with that questionable scent, Trashy Nahil was present. Though he mostly licked the wall the entire time.

So Valorean led another adventure. By his stoic leadership, we grabbed the 7 orbs from the library and headed to the Hausion ruins in the Ishah Plains. On this first leg of our adventure, we headed out along the road. Someone noticed a pool of blood and a dead man off in the bushes. This poor individual had been drained of blood and had puncture wounds from a syringe-like the gnolls had done to us previously. Everyone was involved in figuring out this issue. Occasionally stopping to explain to Trashy Nahil why the sky was blue and he didn’t need to be scared about it.

As we continued to the crossroads we spotted an altar to Talos… we smote it and moved on. The rest of the trip was uneventful. We stopped at the outpost which has been a godsend. It’s so nice not having to sleep on the ground all the time. Trashy Nahil almost didn’t get in as he was mistaken for a beggar. We assured the guards that though his look and smell showed him to be a crazy simpleton. That despite this we were ordered to take him out so he can hopefully learn to be useful to society. My dear readers, I am hesitant to believe it will happen.

We made our way to the ruins and I got to see my oldest friend Yassarion! Literally… he predates some of the gods. We showed him the 7 orbs that valorean sent us to receive…  apparently there was a mix up in the special item department and the orbs were for something else. Yassarion needed a key… so valiantly valorean lead us back to the portal in WMC to go to the library in ruined oak.  On the way, we spotted some plant like fire elementals playing near a fissure in the material plane. After some discussion, they were just happy to explore this new world to them and eventually they slipped back through the fissure. We ended up spending more time then necessary as we had to try and explain what fire was to Trashy Nahil. After an hour we thought we made some progress but sadly we did not.

With no other issues, we made it to ruined oak in time for supper. The guards at ruined oak were upset with us as they thought we were taking Trashy Nahil from WMC to RO but we assured them they would not have to deal with him as he was going back to the manure storage he normally stays in.

Now with the correct item, we headed back. I hope no one takes out this obvious glaring issue in Valorean’s leadership skills on him. He means well even if he does occasionally blunder something as simple as requesting the correct item. So with the key in hand, we headed back through the portal and on our way.  On the road, we found some workers who were distraught. Apparently one of their friends had died on their way to WMC to sell his only possession of value to feed his family. About this time Trashy Nahil decided to attempt to speak actual sentences. We at first were proud he had managed to do so until we realized they were just un publishable racial epithets and talk of his love of eating… well… I’m surely not writing about it but trust me it was gag-worthy. I paid the poor workers 5 gold to take to the dead man’s family and we moved on. A stop at the same guard outpost to sleep.

We quickly made our way back to the Hausion Ruins and down to the long-forgotten tomb. Yassarion was elated that valorean managed to bring the correct item this time. The ancient elder told us he would need about 20 minutes to do the ritual. We planned a very cunning defense since we had time to set up. By use of my magical prowess, we created a choke point in the southern hall with my use of Leomond’s most famous spell. Our spectacular warriors Joule, Valorean, and Zak took positions in the other halls with the miraculous Ogis and Vreala working the perimeter with support. Our ace in the hole Hannah using the cover of my hut to sharpen her skills as a fierce killer. Trashy Nahil found a corner and just licked the wall the entire time.

As Yassarion started his spell the fight began. Undead made its way in. Skeleton warriors and mages flooded in from the east hall while I believe an ancient lich came at us from the east hall. The fight was glorious. Seeing the sheer skill and power was impressive. As waves came they were smote down by blade and spell.  The Lich opened up by attempting to disintegrate Zak but by the sheer skill, he managed to dodge it.

The combat unfolded with our tactical superiority overwhelming the lich and his forces. Valorean got the final killing blow on it but not before there was some sort of magical backfire. We gasped as the dark energy hit Trashy Nahil with a very odd curse. We saw his rags magically transform. His hair and face taking an almost human-looking appearance. We could even understand him! It was amazing. We quickly found out it was just a permanent illusion and with the simplest of spells you can look around it. When he talks he even sounds possibly intelligent but do not get your hopes up. It’s simply the illusionary curse working its magic.

The question still remained after the ceremony had ended. Who had tried to free the sleeping primordial? The only thing we know for certain is they know how to use very ancient magics and assumingly want to end the world. That does not narrow down who on our long list of enemies. We spent the rest of the day looking through the tomb and came across a magically inscribed tablet which exploded but implanted a long-forgotten spell in our minds.

With this new magic in our arsenals, we made our way back, now stronger. In regards to Trashy Nahil, I suggest to just go along with the illusion. Piercing its veil will subject you to the sheer stench of him.

Till next time.

ps: a few of us feel bad for Trashy Nahil and have decided to just fabricate good stories about him in the future. Possibly even penning them under his name. Understand these are all fabricated lies.