DM: Neal
PCs: Aldwin, Grey, Marrak, Tohil, Chemist, Joule
Written by Aldwin

Chemist was approached by a child named ‘Graves’ about missing ex road crew foreman turned to spymaster Yarsby. He hadn’t reported back from his mission at Jubjubs and the child had been informed to burn the documents and house if no word from Yarsby had been heard.

With some confusion about the direction we headed first to the spymasters mansion. At the mansion we met with this ‘Graves’ and he told that indeed JubJubs would be the place to start searching for the Dwarf. We told the kid to hold burning the papers for one more day and then set out with great speed towards the dwarven outpost.

The trip to JubJubs was pretty uneventful, some goblins were harassed. At the outpost we had to play detectives to backtrack Yarsbys movements. He had bought supplies for dungeoneering and a lot of seeds. Turned out he used these supplies to leave a track for us to follow. Yarsby had headed out to the east following the mountains to a spot with blooming steam coming out from the mountain.

We arrived at a cave that held old dwarven structures inside. A broken bridge leading over lava field. As we started heading to the end of the broken bridge we were attacked by multiple ropers, a fire tornado and lava salamander. The ropers held multiple people over the lava and things were looking ugly until the new powerful wizard Marrak summoned adamantine structures around the ropers and the party members held by the beats. Powerful magic that.

Crossing the lava was no problem when Chemist made his skeletons and Tohil fly and they carried us over the lava. On the other side we found a chamber where a blood ritual was happening. A rusted automaton was protecting woman who was inside a blood orb casting foul spell and twisting Lukkiis bloody entrails. We also spotted bloody Yarsby inside a cage held over lava. A battle ensued. Grey the monk sped like wind across the vast chamber and teleported out with Yarsby. Spells were thrown around, foul hellbeasts were summoned and sneaking drow also attacked us. A fantastical thrown handaxe interrupted the witches casting and her protective blood orb dropped. After that she was attacked by Tohil and didn’t last long. In the end we were victorious, banished the demons and captured the drow.

We set out towards WMC after a nights rest and managed to make it back just in time to prevent the boy from burning everything.