DM: Grumpy
PCs:Treylan, Ragnar, Wulfgar, Koga, Jax

Led by Wulfgar, we stumbled into some hill giants with war dogs, I was able to charm the dogs for the moment so we could take out the giants, afterward it was an easy game. The Giants still hit hard, so we rested a little before we moved on. and also found a really nice looking greatsword on one of the giants. 
With my water walk, we safely passed the river and encountered two headless monstrosities. Wulfgar approached them while Treylan started to great them but one of them just devoured Wulfgar. Seeing this Treylan, rushed in to Help Wulfgar, only to get devoured by the other monstrosity. With two of our companions already down we almost lost hope, but I blessed us remaining. Bringing the one, who had eaten Wulfgar, to spit him out again, I quickly healed Wulfgar and his devastating hits made that monster regret eating him. We focused on the other, but it did not spit out Treylan, even we finished it off we had to cut Treylan out of it.
Miraculously Traylen, while unconscious, was still alive. I quickly healed him and the rest of us with a prayer.

Resting for the night, the first time without that useful hut Of Isaac was a bit more stressful.
Near the end of our rest Wulfgar wake us up, since a group of Ostriches was near our camp, we told him to let them be, so we could get back to sleep. Then we awoke the Ostriches where still there. Me and Ragnar preformed a ritual to communicate with them. They could not tell us much about the environment and by the mention of food they all got close and were excited. I summoned some food and we slowly befriended them, offering them more food and shelter if they accompany us.

We had back to town with them, using water walk again and making them clear to accept it. Just before we reached Ruined Oak a huge shadow flew over us and started to come down towards the ostriches. A black dragon swooped towards them and with it breath he killed the alpha and severely wounded an other ostrich. Koga wanted to get some distance from the dragon but he led his guard down for one moment and the dragon swung with his claws and cut him into pieces. Revenging Koga and the fallen alpha, we did some really good damage to the dragon. seeing this one of the ostriches charged the dragon, it could not do much harm, but the intention counts. With a powerful smite from Treylan we finally smashed the beast.

We cut some scales out of the dragon and went back to ruined oak and then to White Moon Cove, so the ostriches could get some rest and food in the stables and might get tamed and trained. Hopefully Boris is fine with this.