OOC Participants
GM: Geo
Players: Roach (Oxalis), Pyke (Markan), Lloyd (Soach), MPZ (Titus B.), Konopa (Gau)
Date: 10.10.2020

This is a page that has been torn out of Markan’s journal.

Going to scout the crevasse to see if there’s gnoll activity there.

Entry #1 – We are nearing the crevasse. The journey was uneventful let us hope that our mission will be as well.

Entry #2 – We can see a pillar towards the north-east and a building to our south-east as we approach the crevasse. We are planning to investigate the building.

Entry #3 – We have approached the building which turned out to be some kind of hot springs, nothing seems out of place as of now. Near the small building there’s a body of a soldier and a horse.

Entry #4 – When I approached to investigate the corpses hellish creatures and a pair of kenkus rose out of the ground and fought us. One of the kenkus said “Rosebud” as his final words, might not be important.

Entry #5 – The body was that of a soldier from White Moon Cove, as evident by his armband. And the building was nothing but an illusion set by the monsters as a lure for adventurers like us. We are now going to find a place to take a rest.

Entry #6 – We woke up in the morning. nothing happened durning the night and we are now heading out deeper into the crevasse. We have found some kind of tunnel that was artificially enlarged and it has been recently reinforced. Something tunneled here for sure but I am unsure if it was the gnolls or some other intelligent creatures.

Entry #7 – We went inside and found ourselves at a crossroads. To the right there are shining coins but Oxalis pointed out large cobwebs and spiders around said coins. To the left the tunnel continues down and then splits. We chose to walk the left path.

Entry #8 – We encountered a group of gnolls in the tunnels of the crevasse, It’s probably safe to say that they are responsible for mining out this tunnel. After dealing with a few of them they started fleeing deeper into the tunnels.

Entry #9 – We found some prisoners of the gnolls that were kidnapped when they were out hunting and then forced to mine the tunnels. The gnolls are not done with their excavation yet but I believe it’s close to completion. After investigating a bit further Oxalis found a book on a table that was written by the gnolls. We are now leaving the tunnels and coming back to White Moon Cove.

The next page is a crudely drawn map of the tunnels they have explored so far

Underneath the map it says

I believe the best course of action is to collapse the tunnels as gnolls potentially being able to tunnel there poses a significant threat to White Moon Cove. I also suspect that there are more of these prisoners that are being used to mine for the gnolls.