DM: Calmseeker
SlyOkami|Dexter|Wizard 4
Olli|Kepesk|Druid 2
Geokhan|IronAle|Barbarian 4
tsi88|IronGonzo|Warlock 3
FireEverath|Hillval|Cleric 4
Mots|Diego|Rogue 3
TempyVixen|Inti|Cleric 4
Kage|Ssej|HC Sorcerer 2

Searching Tempest Plains for Reynard who is a minion of Sitaris. Sitaris asks that he be destroyed.
Reynard was a warrior before becoming a vampire and asks that his sword be returned as proof of slaying. The party decides to stay at the inn fore the night. They were all enjoying a performance by Inti, Gonzo, and IronAle until a scream was heard outside. Inti heard that it was Draconic for “Help”. And being the nice guy Inti is, he went rushing out after Dee Dee the owl to the aid of the voices. Upon arrival, Inti sees that it is a Dragonborn woman and child being pursued by a large bear. Inti yells at the bear and manages to divert its attention, he tries to intimidate it but to no avail. Luckily, Inti’s friends arrived, and the bear runs away knowing it is beat. The woman is Lilric and the child Irduth. Apparently, they were traveling with merchants before being attacked. Inti escorts them to the inn to wait out the night. Hopefully they can find their other travelling companions in the morning….


The party starts heading into the forest as a short cut to the plains as told by Sitaris.  The trip was completely uneventful and as the sun starts going down, we find a camp spot.  Inti managed to hunt a large deer and provided for his party.  The leftovers were strung up in a tree a couple paces from the campsite, so the predators didn’t get it overnight.  Inti’s watch was boring too….


Cubert the Cubic Mage

Move further into the plain. They find tracks as they approach the coordinates they were given.  The party sees an abandoned summer home of Sitaris and then Inti notices more tracks leading to a cave.  Sign that says, “Cave of Cubert the cubic mage, Enter at your own risk or curiosity”.  Inti is learning that buffing and prepping is needed before entering caves, so he helped the Great Gonzo, Ssej and Dexter and then stealthily slinks into the cave. As they move through the cave, they see some lightening crystals.  After coming around a corner a man in armor appears and attacks us.  It is that bastard Reynard. A fierce battle ensues… Inti may have passed out a few times….

Hoofed it home with no worries. Inti missed a real bed and less caves…