DM: Tam

PCs: Balthier, the others

It was a rainy day at the inn and there was not much to do aside from contemplate my goal, when I heard a group of young starry eyed adventurers discussing a daring trek to midst of dangerous territory. It was then that I knew that I had best join them, lest they never return to tell the tale of what they saw.

When we finally set out, it was to my surprise that none of them actually knew of the destination they sought. As disorganized as a pack of sorrow sworn they were. I of course knew the destination and a sampling of information on what lay in that direction. Being the generous mentor I am, I decided to inform them of the dangers they were about to embark upon.

Not but the other side of the portal GKE we got that I noticed some were brand new to the deep chill of instant transportation, needing rousing from a deathly cold sleep, we were able to rest a short while (for their sake, I was quite ready to be out on the move as this new place is quite humid and heavy with heat) before pressing on in our little adventurous jaunt.

We headed north, as one who is lost is want to do, and soon found ourselves trekking through a forest area of sorts. For some unknown reason the party decided to veer northwesterly eventually, apparently not wanting to move in an efficient or sensible fashion for exploration. We were, after moving off kilter, soon ambushed an unlikely and entirely alien thing. I’ve drawn a likeness for those curious.

Clarota the Mind Flayer from Critical Role | Ink drawing, Drawings,  Character art

There were also quadrupedal brains that seemed to thirst for the minds of my allies as one of them was bitten and struck dumb by one before I was able to rescue them.

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I was able to fend both types of assailants off my companions and Karn, in his enthusiasm, decided to take the head of the seeming lead antagonist of the group. I took a sample myself for later studies, but nothing as gruesome or barbaric.

Before the night was through, a group of well seasoned adventurers happened upon our little exploration and offered to aid us in securing a safe place to rest for the night. Chemist and some others. I will admit, I was grateful to be out of the harsher weather and inside a magical dome of passable comfort. In the morning, the magically gifted adventurers offered and eventually gathered our now brain dead ally and left off to Port Mirandia. We continued our journey and found a Fae looking entity bathing in a lake and singing a most pleasant song. I introduced myself and stepped forward, but she seemed to completely ignore me, then Chide me for not introducing myself and startling her, then berate me for my apparent lack of manners before taking off toward the south. I will now confess, I did know that to introduce yourself by name, bow acceptably low, and pause for reply was considered rude by the Fae, but I will take this into consideration. I’m unsure how next to interact, mayhaps screaming incoherence? Or by applauding the performance and staring silently… I will take some time to ponder a potential new way of introduction.

We decided it best to stay by the lake in order to identify any other interesting inhabitants of the plains we were in but found only Aurochs. After a night of restful sleep and plenty of meat harvested for breakfast, brunch, lunch, an afternoon break, dinner, supper, and an evening snack, we headed back toward the portal and Port Mirandia.

Back in town, I happened upon our now brain dead adventurous Kobold, Scritch. he seemed unable to attend to his own mental wounds, so I decided to assist him in his recovery. It should be noted that we happened to acquire a decent bit of knowledge of the GKE area, and thanks to me, no one left that day with irreversible harm to their physical person.

lands discovered, Peacock in full plume