DM – KCutajar

Players – Fridgeus(Johann), Isaac(Abu), Mal(Naal), Martijn(Shamsiel), Mutis(Gorstag), Ramz-E(Vestrivan)

I found myself with a new assortment of companions, as well as a previous companion, Gorstag, who were willing to explore some of the territory to the south. We set off from the inn and headed south east, following the road. We stopped to hunt in the afternoon and we managed to find a large stag which we managed to take down. I helped Abu to cook the meat we managed to harvest from it, quite the bounty it was too, at least 10 days rations, but it seemed we werent able to cook it very well. Still it was still good enough to eat for me.

As we continued on our way we came across a couple of humnanoids that appeared to be accosting a kobold. It all seemed to be very aggresive. There also appeared to be an injured dog lying on the floor with an arrow sticking out of it. We began talking to the men who had clearly assaulted the kobold and hurt his dog. We asked if we could heal the dog, but they tried to talk us out of it. They then mentioned that they werent going to hurt this “traitor” but they just wanted to collect a “road tax” from unsafe races.

Again, we tried to ask if we could heal the dog and they replied with a thinly vieled threat. Some members of the party stepped up to the challenge at took a more threatening posture in response and suddenly the bandits realised they had bitten off more than they could chew and decided to leave. As they were leaving, the little kobold ran into his little hut on his cart and pulled out a glass jar and hurled it at the bandit leader, who suddenly burst into flame! And then everything kicked off …

The bandit leader began attacking the kobolds little hut and we stepped in. Surprisingly the bandits decided they werent up for a fight, especially when you put out the fire that was still burning on one of them and healed him and they left pretty sharpishly.

After the fight ended we began to talk to the kobold (Snuunu), who informed us that his town had been attacked by some kind of goop. He was on a mission to trade food for medicine. We decided to take the kobold back to town so he could conduct his trades and then planned to escort him back to his people with the medicine they need. We took Snuunu into the trading post and began to try to trade his wares.

We did a bit of shopping around and found a good price for some medicine for Snuunu. We managed to trade all his goods, and Abu paid for some extra medicine for him as well. We all agreed that it would be a good idea to see if we could set up a trade route between the town and the kobold village, so we headed out towards the village.

As we approached the swamp we decided it would be best to rest for the night outside the swamp. During my watch I spotted what looked like a small chest buried in the ground. I awoke the rest of the party and we investigated it. I failed to open it using my thieves skills, so Nall just smashed it with his axe … In the bag we found a load of copper pieces (750), some silver pieces (20) and an abacus. We settled back down into camp and the rest of the night passed uneventfully.

We awoke in the morning and prepared to enter the swamp. We allowed Snuusnu to lead the way, being as this was his home. I tried to stay out of the swamp as much as possible, jumping through the trees as much as I could. We travelled for a few hours and eventually happened upon a small clearing in the swamp with several closely clumped trees. Suddenly, several kobolds popped out of hiding armed with bows and various weapons, talking in a strange language. Snuunu began talking to them in his native language before they switched to common and began speaking to us.

We made friends with the kobolds and set about trying to heal them, but unfortunately it seemed to be beyond our skill to help. We did decide to try and help them with their “water monster” problem. We set up camp in the village for the night. I set out to see if I could find some more food for us and the kobolds and I managed to find a few fish in a small stream. We decided to give our hunted food to the kobolds and use our goodberries to feed us.

The kobold shaman, who seemed to be the leader of the tribe was intrigued by our idea of a trade route between their village and the town and said she would agree to it if we could help them get their village back. It turns out their entire village had been attacked by some kind of aggressive goo creature who had slain several of the kobolds and taken over their village. We agreed to help and decided to go investigate the next day.

We settled down for the night, but noticed that during the night several kobolds were coming and going in the night, but other than that the night passed uneventfully.

We set off towards the kobold village proper. The trip there was mostly uneventful. Once we got to the village we noticed the entire village was under a strange goo, about ankle deep, oddly getting deeper as we got further into the village. It didnt seem to be flowing anywhere and we could see bones floating in it.

We made it to the largest hut which seemed to have even more goo in it. I threw a rock into it with no effect. I then threw a ration into it which caused the goo to rise up, disolve the food and coaless into a large wave of living goo! Suddenly, several smaller versions also began to rise up and start to attack us as well.

Both the smaller goos and the larger ones seemed to feed off the liquid on the floor, seemingly using it to replenish their shape as hacked pieces off them. The larger goos also had the ability to engulf people, as our unfortunate bard discovered during the battle. For some strange reason, all of the goos seemed to very strongly smell like some kind of beef stew.

We managed to defeat the goos as well as the suprise addition of the carrion crawlers that entered the fray during the battle, but the goo in the village seemed to start flowing east out of the village. We tried to chase it down, but we lost track of it in the swamp, so we headed back to the kobold camp.

The kobold shaman was impressed and happy with what we had accomplished and the fact that they had their village back. She was concerned that the goo was still at large and asked if we would help them to hunt it down. We said we would try and help them, but if we couldn’t then we would make sure someone else would be able to.

They then told us that they were called The Waiters of the East, and that they were waiting for the Great Scaled One to return, which we managed to deduce meant a Green Dragon. The shaman also offered a small locked box as thanks for our help.

We then headed back to town from the swamp after spending another night with the kobolds. The trip back home was largely uneventful and we made it back to the town without any incidents. Once back at the town I managed to open the box that the kobolds gave us and found a scroll of tongues and some gold in it, a nice gift to be sure!