Players – Gork(Gork) Isaac(Abu) Iceforge(Nalkris) Inmate13(Stargazer) Mogul76(Aruarian) Ok(Mac) Ramz-E(Vestrivan) Skittle(Snipper)

A group of adventurers heard about the frog people that had attacked me on my last outing and had contacted Nalkris and I about going out and hunting them down, since they seemed both aggressive and dangerous. We both agreed to the expedition and decided to head out with them to show them where we encountered them. Among the group was Abu, the strange little goblin who I had managed to defeat the Goo that attacked the kobold village in a previous adventure.

We set out towards the area we encountered them before and began exploring the forest again. We wandered around for a while, with Nakris leading us. It started to get dark in the forest so we decided to set up a camp and rest for the night.

Stargazer and I went foraging for food and managed to find a very nice collection of edible treats, which I then assisted Abu in cooking into a very fine meal for the entire party. We then settled down for the night and began our watches.

During the night on the last watch we were attacked by a couple of large monsters that appeared to be a cross between a bear and a gorilla. With Abu’s alarm spell triggered, they were not able to take us by surprise, whilst Abu also managed to make one of them glow with Faerie Fire. Together with what seemed like really wild attacks by the creatures that opened them up to reprisal, we managed to take care of them quite easily.

We awoke in the morning and began exploring the forest again, looking for the frogs. During the morning we discovered a small glowing green light, which we began to investigate. It appeared that the light belonged to one of the frog creatures we were looking for. Again we came up against the problem with a lack of communication skills to talk with the frog creature.

Whenever he touched one of us though, it seemed that we became obsessed with climbing trees for some reason. Oddly enough, all of my companions seemed to be terrible at climbing. Mac then attempted to steal the frogs dagger with a terrible attempt which seemed to anger the frog greatly, understandably so, and then knocked him to the floor in retalliation. It then backflipped away from us and began backing off when Mac decided to shoot it with his bow. It got struck close to the eye and began to bleed badly. It then turned tail and began to flee.

The group began to give chase and follow it as it ran. We chased it through the forest for a fair while before Mac shot it again, this time in the leg in an attempted to slow it down. It then seemed to find a hollowed out fallen tree and climbed inside it to hide from us. I noted to myself that Mac was a bit of a nasty character and Snipper was definitely some kind of pyromaniac!

As members of the group began to enter the tree and search for the frog, more frogs came out of the forest and surrounded us. One of them approached Nakris and offered him a fould yellow liquid. Nalkris drank it and suddenly began to speak their language. They gave him a message for us, that we should surrender to them and and be taken for a trial.

We went with them to some standing stones where one of them began speaking to us, showing visions of what add happened in the past. The vision seemed to be hellbent on us paying for blood with blood and demanded that 4 of us be killed in reparation. Abu managed to talk them down but then the giant white frog appeared out of nowhere and snapped Mac up off the floor and bit him in half. Snipper immediately paniced and tried to run, but the beast blasted him with some terrible energy which dropped him where he stood, only for him to rise a few moments later as some kind of zombie.

Abu managed to break from his horrified stupor and give a tremendous speech about how they had just killed two of our group and had the blood they required. The creature seemed to take Abus message to heart and agreed that we should now try and make peace for the future, and that we still owed them a debt, but could make it up to them in a different way other than blood. He always warned us that they had other allies on the island and if we were to go against them it could be a very large and messy conflict indeed.

Abu managed to negotiate getting half of Macs body back so that we could possible do something with it. We tried to do the same for Snipper, but he wasnt having any of it and completely obliterated zombie Snip so that we couldn’t.

We headed back towards WMC as fast as we could. We decided to push through the night in order to get out of the forest. We came accross a sort of natural amphitheatre of trees, which seemed to be used for performances of some sort. We managed to get out of the forest and back to the tavern without any further incident.

We talked about pooling our resources in order to reincarnate Mac, but we had nowhere near the money we needed to do it. Sadly, that would be the end of Snipper’s and Mac’s adventuring careers were at an end. RIP both.