It’s Tuesday! – DGM – 21/04/2020
Chase (Leader), Sneks (Trailblazer), Viran (Scout), Rein, Rhoshar, Scorch, Thorg, Tyil

We found a Shard.

Dunno what that means? Same! Find me and we can be confused together. Or don’t. You could find Saa or Chemist or Scorch or maybe someone else who’s found a Shard (I don’t know them all) and they can maybe explain more to you.

We found the Shard in the big hole sorta south-west of White Moon Cove. Saa had mentioned something about great power fractured and hidden in various spots. One of them was somewhere a monster had erupted through the earth. If you want to know the other places, I think Desdemona wrote it down? Go ask her.

If you want to check out the fissure yourself, good luck. It was collapsing behind us when we were running out of it. Maybe there are other ways in, and parts of it are still standing? I didn’t exactly check while my group and I were running for our lives. But if you do go, and there is a way in, here’s some things you should maybe know:

  • Spiders will keep you company. Big, hungry spiders, about the size of a dog. They will crawl from every direction and try to eat you in your sleep. Or maybe they’ve gotten braver and will try when you’re awake. Who knows. But they’re persistent and very nibbly. They might make a good pet if you can train them. If you gut them and cook them over a flame, they’re actually quite tasty. The legs crisp up really well.
  • We found a chasm that was really really cold and also didn’t like us using magic. Any magic we tried to use while on the cold side of the chasm blew up in our faces and hurt the magic users. There seemed to be something in the pits, because a voice started talkin’ all weird. It doesn’t like some people and will try to trap them in the air. It might still be in other parts of the thing.
  • The dog-sized spiders we found might’ve been babies actually, I think? Because there’s also these not-dog-sized spiders. They’re more like terrifying-monster-sized spider men. It puts the monster in monstrosity. It was like… If the gods got really drunk, took the ugliest parts of a human and spider and mashed it together, and then said. “You know what this needs? More ugly.”
  • There were some glowing crystals – they crumbled to dust when we touched them after taking the Shard, but if they’re still glowing, don’t touch them because they will burn.
  • If you happen to somehow find another Shard… I don’t know what’ll happen if you touch it alone. We touched it together as a group of eight, and two of us still got knocked away. It then chose Scorch. If you’re chosen, you get blessed with a new best friend: a creepy disembodied voice! Enjoy!

Was it worth it? I don’t know. I don’t get this whole Shard business. We lost a guy down there, to those spider men bastards. It was exhausting and… Definitely not what I thought I’d find when I came to this island. But the Shards seem to be part of a bigger story, and this is just one piece of it.

Anyways. I’ve included some drawings in this log of the chasm, the spider men, and the Shard.