I came down from my room after manufacturing my new turret based off of my miniature and waited for the other members of today’s mission to arrive. After awhile we had all assembled with Khora leading the group. The rest of the party consisted of Piper, Douglas, Rael, and another adventurer I’ve become familiar with Zandaris.

Khora wanted to continue exploring some ruins she had discovered in her previous adventures, but I had no idea just how on edge this place would make her. Our first day’s journey ended with little to no excitement except a weird sound coming from the ocean. I was happy when the group agreed that whatever was over there, could stay over there and we didn’t need to go bother or upset it.

That night however, was not nearly as peaceful. Rael, who was on first watch, discovered some silver coins but decided not to tamper with them. The second shift, which was Khora and Piper’s shift, had a scary encounter……..with a bit of stone. Khora sent her mechanical pup to investigate and even climbed a near by cliff. It was not until she shot the stone from the cliff that she was satisfied that it was no longer a threat. Next was my shift which was rather uneventful, but poor Douglas was judged by a horde of little eyes. They turned out to be harmless curious Geckos and little by little they scurried off.

When morning came the rest of the party went to investigate the coins, Khora poised to take a shot if the coins even thought of moving on their own volition. I decided to investigate the bit of stone that I had heard about. Khora was not pleased at my decision and wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to shoot the stone and the coins if they both decided to fall upon us, luckily they didn’t. The stone ended up being a head stone that was dedicated to a lady named Lauren.

After some digging around the rest of the party was able to get some silver, which was indeed just silver coins, and we decided to carry on. Upon arriving at the temple we discovered a body, that apparently was from the last adventure to the ruins. The party decided that it should have a proper burial, after which Khora explained to the party how the fruit of a tree in the temple worked. Eat one and you can only breath under water, eat one again and you can breath air again. Luckily I had infused my simple cloak to allow me breathe and move about in the water, so I didn’t have to eat the fruit.

Having finished our preparation we dove into an alter that had water at the bottom. After plunging in we found ourselves in a room with some dead fishmen, Khora decided we should west so we did, crossing a narrow passage. The passage, unlike the rooms were only ten feet tall so we could only stack two high. In the next room we found more fishmen bodies. After investigating the bodies we were able to determine the ones to the south had been burnt, while the ones to the corridor leading further west had been frozen in places. Khora decided we would go south and so we did and that’s when we ran into three large eels. They had a nasty habit of shocking us, which explains the burnt fishmen, and ate Khora’s poor pup. The battle intensified as Piper was knocked unconscious and then Douglas, twice I believe. With the chaos unfolding around me I wanted to run, but I wasn’t going to abandon my friends. Despite multiple close calls we were able to slay the three eels and no one lost their lives.

After Khora searched for anything shiny that she could find we decided to head back to the surface and take a short break. Khora had gathered the pieces of her pup and put him back together and he was as good as new, after some…..less than delicate love taps from her hammer. Piper was looking exhausted and the short rest did little to lessen it. We decided we needed to return to town and attempted to power through all the way back with out pause. We weren’t able to do it and Piper was all but being drug along the ground, so we decided to risk the night. Thankfully nothing eventful happened and we were able to get back to town safely, some dragging one foot after the other, and me skipping along happy to still be alive!

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