Zugall – Leader

Shrieker -Scout

Giters – Trailblazer



Trouble in Their Well....

We left town and headed just south to help the farmers clear the remaining of their farm. they built their farm around a natural well. Once the were finishing up they heard strange noises coming form down below and told them we would clear it out for them. upon getting down the well we came into an underwater cavern. we traveled down the waters toa strange metal talking door. we talked to it and offered to feed it for assistance. upon feeding it some rations it opened for us.

Trippy Mushroom!

As we ventured deeper in the cavern we came across what looked to be a massive giant mushroom patch in the cave. As we were halfway through, we were ambushed by over a dozen giant live mushrooms. we struggled to slay them all as the party took some big hits. after resting a but we finished off the end of the cave and found a chest, upon opening it, it came alive and grabbed me in a very tight corridor. after a very short time we killed the monster and raided the chest of its goodies.

Old History in a trapped room

As we ventured into the cavern we kept seeing these levers in different areas. there was a total of three that we eventually found out they moved these magical vines that blocked an old wizards room deep in the cave, once we opened it up we looked around we found a book of his with a golem that activated and attacked us. it took down Zugall but we were able to stabilize him after killing it.


Swarms of Spiders!!

After clearing out the room there was one last section of the cavern we didn’t look at. Upon entering we got attacked by sooo many spiders. As they attacked us, Vir fell but we stabalized him and eventually whipped them all out clearing the rest of the cave.  After this is we informed the farmers family of our discovery and told them they would be all set with the rest of their building. after this we headed back to town to inform the higher ups the area was cleared ready to build the town further.