DM – @Geokhan The Cast – @Skittle (Antonio), @Nartzim (Tehran), @krforget93 (Thoradin), @DaggerFortySix (Torgran) @ Strangebrain (Vatumal), @Sandman59(Evraal).

Our story begins in White Moon Cove. Each of us had heard rumors of something strange happening in the swamp to the southeast. For reasons of our own we had come to check out these rumors. We met with each other and introductions were made all around. Having bee in town for a few days we were eager to get on with it. But first we elected a Leader – Tehran, a Scout – Antonio, an a Trailblazer – Evraal. Our first day of travel was fairly uneventful. We did meet a gnome who was dressed fancily and his two bodyguards who were well armed.

Coastal Hiking Trail Through Lilac And Purple Heath Meadows On ...
Road leading from White Moon Cove

We found a place to make camp at the edge of the swamp. Evraal went hunting for food and water and came back shortly with 5 lbs. of food and 2 1/2 gallons of water. After eating watches were set All went well until the 3rd watch when Tehren woke everyone. Around the camp at the edge of the firelight were 6 sleek golden furred cats, with eyes that glowed like emeralds. Vatumal spoke to them although he couldn’t understand them a kind of conversation took place . It seems they were just hungry, after feeding them some of the leftover food. They became quite friendly, purring and rubbing up to persons in the party for pets and scratches. We then settled back down and finished the watches. On the 4th watch Torgran found a painting laying in the dirt next to a tree. Once we were awake he showed us the painting . It was Ok but not a great work of art. We decided we would seel it when we returned to White Moon Cove. Waking refreshed and ready to proceed on our quest. The cats seem to melt away in to the brush.

African Golden Cat | Felidae Conservation Fund

We traveled for a few hours and came upon a ridge of land going into a small gray pool at the end was an obelisk 4 side were covered in deeply etched Runes the top had broken off, and was laying on the ground nearby. Thoradin after studying the Runes said they were an ancient Primordial dialect, talking about some kind of change. Evraal suggested that they replace the top. Which Thoradin did using Mending. The runes seemed to glow and then Thoradin began to change, his amor chaffing in places it hadn’t before, his voice change several octaves higher and his face softened into a fairly attractive Dwarven female. H tried touching the runes again but nothing happened that was when we noticed the 2 moon shaped reliefs on one side. Evraal proceeded to tell Thoradin that he had a boon to help him and would return when the moon was in the correct position.

Traveling just a short distance we could see the top of a structure. Carefully approaching, stay in the trees and bushes. We could see we had found the Zuggurat. This large flat topped temple Had stairs leading up the front of the 4 tiered temple. There were strange beings standing guard. They looked like large Turtles standing erect Some carrying bows, and others seem to be in priestly garments. Vatumal changed shapes into a small rat and scouted the area. As we were trying to desided what to do one of the Tortle’s challenged us. INIT was rolled and we tried attacking up the stairs.After quite a few Tortle’s were dispatched. We decided it was time to run. The more we killed the more emerged from the temple interior. We had almost all the party members away from danger when Tehren went down Evraal went forward and Thoradincast word of healing but it had no effect. We had lost our leader. He died to make sure everyone else got away. Tehren Rest in Peace.

As we hurried away from the Ziggurat we saw a statue of a wizard in the swamp, thinking we were still to close we hurried on. Later in the day we saw some type of creature who seemed o chasing after us. We didn’t try to fight just kept going. We found a mine where we took shelter and set up camp for the night. We set watches, tired and bloodied each took his turn at watch. The small pumpkins in the pumpkin patch seemed to animate stems and vines serving as legs as the marched off toward the swamp. To tired we didn’t attack as they were not attacking us. Once morning came rested and refreshed we started again to White Moon Cove. Once there we told of what had happened and of the deeds of Tehren.