April 12, 2020

DM: @Geokhan

Adventurers: @Sandman59 (Evraal Farstrider), @strangebrain (Vatumal) @DaggerFortySix (Torgran), @krforget93 (Thoradin), @Skittle (Antonio), @Nartzim (Tehran)

Setting out to adventure 

Before heading out for my first adventure here, my heart was pounding knowing that the rage inside me would inevitably surface.

Only an our or two after leaving WMC, we noticed a small group of three. Two armed and armored, one looks to be less martial, a gnome fancily dressed. The gnome shouted greetings in a deep gnomish accent. He seemed certainly respectful and his men never seemed to be of any threat. We had no information for him, nor de he have any information fo us, that he was willing to share, nonetheless. After some polite conversation, they headed north towards WMC. 

We continued our journey towards the southeast. No one spoke much; they must not really do that here. Everyone knows that there are dangers. I guess that keeping to yourself is probably best. No sense in gaining friends, and then having to see them die. However, I really do feel companionship with these adventurers. We are in this together and will need each other.

First night out

Its already creepy out here, there are all sorts of sounds I’ve never heard. Can I trust them to watch while I sleep?

When we arrived at the edge of the swamp, we set up camp for the first night out. Watches were organized. During the third watch, the party was woken by Tehran as some feline creatures had approached the camp. They turned out to be a little curious and a lot hungry so we gave them the scraps from our days hunting.

On the fourth watch, while the cats were still enjoying the company of the firbolg, I found on the ground a painting of a hill with a tree.. I didn’t feel it was important enough to wake the party so I presented it to everyone when they woke. We all found it interesting, but not meaningful.

A strange totem

It is not normal here. We are moving through the swaps at a careful pace. What are we going to find? What is going to find us?

After several hours of travel we come upon a strange sign, a small pool with a grey totem of some sort made of stone. It was four sided with runes etched into the sides. The top looked like it was to be a point, but the tip had broken away, laying on the ground nearby. Thoradin investigated the totem. He found that the runes were possibly a dialect of primordial. He was able to surmise that the wording was about change, as in acknowledging that the form of the earth changes. The monument appeared to be old and the runes were carved very deep. Thoradin placed the top back on and used magical mending. A small glow showed and the Thoradin’s voice became high “I think something happened!” Thoradin had changed into a female…

Ms.Thoradin touched the totem again but nothing else seemed to happen. On one of the other sides, Thoradin noticed that there were symbols of the moon. Maybe there is correlation, maybe.

At the ziggurat

This is it, my first fight here. We tried a bit of diplomacy, which have I ever seen work. I can feel the rage. My veins are pulsing, I can’t keep it in anymore…”

We continued on and come upon a structure poking out over the top of the trees. When approached, we saw what appeared to be tortles. Vatunal polymorphed into a rat to scout the area. He got the sense that it would not be great to rush on in there. We all waited, trying to hide in the bushes. The tortle on the stairs shouted out in wording not understood by the party. We tried to charm it, but then it replied “These are bad people.” Initiative is rolled…

/ooc: I’d like to say we gave the assault a valuable try, but the rolls were definitely not on our side in this adventure.

We all retreated, preferring to live to fight another day.

Returning to white moon cove

“We all nearly died, Tehran did. What are we really doing here?”

Heading back to base, we saw a statue of a wizard. This may have been something from many ages ago. Also, we all bail from an encounter with some creature that emerged from the swamp, barely. We were all injured and in no shape to engage anything.

Later, we came upon a small mine to shelter in for the night. However, the pumpkins seemed to have come alive and moved. Fortunately for us, they moved towards the swamps, leaving us alone.

We were able to make it back to White Moon Cove, alive except for one. You will be missed Tehran.

Maybe you got the lucky break and we are the suckers.

~ DaggerFortySix/Torgran