Freyja (Leader), Zok (Trailblazer), Orianna (Scout), Ogis, Rijax and Sneks

Build the Whisper Guard Outpost


I am Sneks, newly arrived on this Island of Death, but I’m not worried at all
for unlike all of you I can not die.

It might be hard for you to understand, but time and time again death has
come for me but every time I have conquered death.

I know you might still doubt me, and I understand that, so instead
of just telling you I’m unkillable I’ll simply provide you with evidence, and at one point or another, you too will know the truth. 

On my first venture to give proof of my might, I joined a group of adventurers setting out to build an outpost. I expected days on long travel, but instead the red-haired dwarf showed us the portal. Here we stepped through and cold
frost attacked us, on of the adventurers showed their mortality and fell as
soon as we came through. I did not. Proof number one.


From the portal we went to find works, got a good nights sleep and then journeyed to the construction site, but when we arrived the site was already occupied. By a tree!

Yes I know, a tree. You might be skeptic about the severity of such a declaration, but I’ve seen many kobolds smashed when trees decide they don’t like you. This particular tree seemed especially angry and was not interested in the half-orcs or dwarfs attempt at diplomacy. Instead it decided to fry the goblin and declare war. 

I, of course, had no intention to be fried. I might be immortal, but that shit still hurts! Instead I took a few shots and marveled at the bravery of my adventurers. The redhaired dwarf seemed especially brave, she knew about the might of a tree, but still stood right in front of it, throwing fire and whats not at it while not giving an inch.

We slayed the mighty tree and slept with the taste of victory. Once again I’ve proven my immortality.  


During the night we had a bit of tree problems, but they were not important, unless you are interested in trees with brass doorknobs on them. 

On the next, third, day we were attacked by gnolls. They came on the ridge,
but the sharp half-orc eyes noticed them before they had the chance to strike.

Here, for the third time since we left White Moon Cove, I conquered danger. We slew the beasts, but even as I can not be killed we lost lives. Some of the construction team died during the attack, but they knew the danger of the Island. The tiefling also seemed close to perish, but the half-orc used some divine magic to bring her back. 

The outpost was complete by nightfall, and we slept in peace and quiet. 

The next day we traveled back to the portal near Ruined Oak, where the
portal led us back to White Moon Cove. Once again the portals magic was no danger to me, but as nobody else seemed to be hard struck I don’t consider this proof of my immortality. Hence I only provide three proofs of my might and claims, but more will come.