Sneks, Till, Asterisk, Caslech, Cap’n Me’Slash, Balthier and Bob(?)

Complete Thunder Dwarf Way Extension


I am Sneks, you may have seen me around town. Or just in the tavern. It’s the magnificent place with beer. Yesterday I came back from another excursion into the wild.

Someone had put money into build a road and with all my purchases lately even the gold given by my old shade-friend seems to run low, so along with a group of 5 or 6 other adventurers, depending on how you count, I set off to protect some road workers.

One thing I should mention before we go further. During the work we found multiple tracks indicating large groups of goblins traveling from north toward the south east. Where they go I do not know, but from our experience with goblins on this trip I just want to make sure you travelers are weary of goblin ambushes.

On the second day of travel we ran into some guards riding patrol, which told us the road ahead should be safe, unfortunately we forgot to ask them what road they were talking about, because where we went there were plenty of foes lurking.


If you ever ventured outside of White Moon Cove you won’t be surprised by the next part, if however you are new to our coast of death, then let me present to you. Gnolls.

Thanks to our scouts brilliant eyes they barely got within bow distance before we started pummeling them down, and I got to admit I was surprised. The gnolls I’ve run into this far have been well equiped with shields and bits of armor, but this small pack barely had pointy sticks to use as spears.

It didn’t take long to bring them down and inspect their symbol. Two crossed Claws with a crecent moon above. Not sure what clan that is yet.  


At evening we rested next to a gigantic tree overlooking an overturned graveyard. It seemed someone had spend alot of time digging up the graves leaving nothing but bones behind. We made sure to return the remains where they belong.

During the second day of work we found more graves like this and even a probable source. Grave looters. They drew first, but weren’t quick enough. At least they won’t pillage any more graves.

That  is just plain wrong.

Road work is dangerous business, but most of the time it’s not us adventurers that pay the price. During the third and last day of work we got ambushed by goblins. Before I had time to do more than just grab my sword they killed two of our workers, from their it was a blur of goblins paying the price and we thought it was the end, but just hours later we fell in another goblin ambush. This time we reacted faster, but still a worker fell to the goblin blades.


That was the end of our fighting as our next encounter was a group of gypsies taking part in a funeral, burning their dead friend at the pyre.
It was a beautiful ceremony and we were all invited to take part and stay the night.

The food was great and afterward Pietrov told old stories to entertain us. In exchange we made sure to keep watch all night and in the morning we parted ways, the gypsies heading for Ruined Oak while we returned to White Moon Cove.

I hope to meet them again some day and maybe share my own stories…


I wonder if they speak draconic.