Chase (Leader), Sneks (Trailblazer), Viran (Scout), Thorg, Scorch, Tyil, Rhoshar, Rein, Rijax (sorta)


I might start sounding like my favorite song, as I go on and on and on about my immortality, but with so many deaths on this Island, it just seems to important to ignore, and there has yet to be anyone trying to figure out why. Except myself of course.

During this latest trip I did stubble upon a curious incident, which might explain some of it. I just don’t understand what it means yet


We left White Moon Cove as a group of nine, but before long Owl-guy turned back. The eight of us kept going, heading toward the great hole near the town. After traveling far and wide, a short trip sounded nice, and any trip not involving frosty portals sound downright lovely.

I’m not gonna bore you too much with how we got around, and how we crossed the great waters and instead go directly to the important stuff. How I didn’t die.


As we journeyed through the cave I started feeling sleepy, as it usually happens after a long day of walking. Everyone agreed to take a rest, so I curled up on the ground to sleep and dream sweet dreams. While I dreamt of giant hoards of shinies which upon I could sleep, I was rudely woken by a giant spider trying to eat my leg.


Nice-hair and the half-orc had appearently neglected to notice the hoard of spiders swarming the cave, but how can I blame them when I was asleep too.


We slaughtered the hoard, moved camp and slept peacefully. No death so it only count as half a proof.

Rested and ready we toured deeper into the cave, where we came upon a small bridge surrounded by what I can only imagine was a drop so deep you might drop by Styx on the way.

So yeah. A bridge. No biggie right?

So I crossed, or rather, tried to. Halfway across, freezing my scaly butt off, something lifted me up. The others tried pulling me back with a rope, almost splitting me in two, but whatever was holding me didn’t allow me to budge.

At this time something spoke from beneath, telling us that any divine wouldn’t be allowed to pass. Yeah I’m paraphrasing, but you get the gist, immortal me hanging in the air, waiting for someone to be brilliant.

Somehow this announcement was met with disbelief, because the next person to try was a paladin, who soon joined me hanging around.

Taking the announcement serious, as well as some other announcement only understood by the half orc, the others crossed and dragged the floaters across.

So what I’m trying to say is: If an unembodied voice claims to stop divinity, and it stops me, then the disbelievers of you should take note of my immortality claims.


Further in, leaving the god-hating bridge behind, we stumbled upon more spiders. These were a bit different from the last batch, but poking them still stops them from moving. 

Unfortunately the green dude never got to figure this out, because before any of use had a chance to intervene he was knocked around, dragged away and later dropped of a cliff. This makes one and a half proof as well as abyssal approval.

A bit further in we found the reward of our destination, which blasted nice-hair and the half-orc as we tried to grab it. It quickly darted into heater-guy, screamed some weird language and began tearing down the cave around us.  

No venture outside the city would be complete without hearing the sound of gnolls. When we finally came out of the cave, exhausted from outrunning the collaps we heard gnolls on the hunt.

Immortal as I might be the thought of gnolls gnawing my legs for eternity seemed a bit dull, so we ran.

It’s safe to say when we finally reached the city we almost dropped. I’m pretty sure the cat had to be carried the last bit, but I might have been hallucinating at that point.