Tyil (Warlock 4)

Sneks (Fighter 3)
Blue (Druid 4)
Amnon (Warlock 2)
Kahearn (Rogue 2)
Orianna (Rogue 3)

Check out the mines near Spiders Reach Outpost


I’ve just returned from the mines, yes the same mines as my last log, after all we never figured out the magical circle or explore the west side at all. Today we cleared one of those objectives, but at a hefty price.

As you, my dear readers, probably know by now, I cannot die. If you still do not know this, then let me just remind you. I am Sneks,  Stabber of rabbit, Killer of Tree, Hunter of Deer, Bane of Wolf, Undoer of Deathless, and the new, Blight of Frog and Master of Doors. I survive time upon time, but this time, I was the only one.

Six adventurers traveled from White Moon Cove, but only I survived. To be honest the last I saw of Tyil he was still alive, barely, but when we tried to run he never caught up to me again.


On our trip to the mines I took the role of scout, and even as the giant burning ball of death loomed up high, I made sure to keep vigil. Nothing surprised us on the way. I even found the remains of an ogre or something.

We arrived shortly before dinner and decided to check the mines early. In front of the entrance stood a familiar gnome, the one who taught me the song. He told us the magic circle was disrupting his work and asked us to shut it down. He even gave the human shade, Tyil, a doorknob and keep to lock it up.

People didn’t seem to like the idea, but in the end our leader decided to take the doorknob and close it himself. The Gnome promised it would be safe, but the others didn’t believe it.

Getting inside we quickly started fighting as giant skeletons and demon rabbits stood near the entrance. We then proceeded to burn the bodies. Fire Girl, Orianna, was in charge of the process, but the sound of hear laughter seemed to draw in more bunnies and death frogs. They probably wanted to join the fun. Unfortunately we had to kill them too. It went well, we took care of it, though the man in red, Blue, was pretty roughed up.


We decided then a rest was in order. It probably would have changed much if we had had the time for it. But we just didn’t have the time.

The cave started to shake, and as all good kobolds know, a shaking cave is one you need to exit. If it hadn’t been because of the chanting near the magical circle I would have been the first one to leave the cave, but our mission was clear. Close the circle. So we went deeper.

The human shade, Tyil, disappeared and checked it out. We waiting a bit before the sound of battle reached us, so I charged in and saw him fighting a dozen creatures, a mix of skeletons and demon rabbits. The others followed a the fight dragged on as a giantic creature slowly crawled out of the magical circle.

With our leader pinned I did what I had to. I grabbed the doorknob, charged the circle and closed it.

Next thing I knew the others were gone and I was talking to a friendly Lizard names Gax, like the key for the doorknob. He didn’t want the doorknob, but he did seem nice enough.

A few moments later I stood on the road north of the outpost we were planning on having dinner at. At this point I could eat just about anything, so I decided to go back and join the others. The weren’t at the outpost though. 

Thinking they might have taken the rest outside the mine I went back there, but I only found corpses. All way dead except the human shade, who was just lying next to two demon rabbits eating Amnon. At least I think that was him. 

I snuck close, popped a berry in my leader and we tried to leave. The rabbits chased us, so I stabbed one and ran, but when I came out my friend was nowhere in sight. 

Now I’m home and alone. I’ll probably try and find someone who can get my friends back out and give the Gnome his doorknob back (even though I’m afraid it broke).