Tyil (Warlock 4)

Zok (Monk 3)

Birk (Druid 2

Gaz (Pugilist 2), Shyn (Warlock 2), Sneks (Fighter 3)

Check out the mine


I, Sneks, the one day to be dragon, today journeyed with some adventurers to check out the so called nope-roper caves. Or at least something close by.

On the way we stumbled upon a pack of wolves trying to keep us from getting close. Diplomacy was attempted, but curiosity proved the greater of the two, as fighting broke out over why they tried to keep us away. We, of course, were victorious and I’ve marked wolves off my list of things to prove myself against.  

The group was not the type to waste a kill and used all we could, pelts, meat and even the bones were put to use. The half-orc must have had trouble previous trouble with halfling brawls, because he used a wolf skull to protect his gentler parts.


The guards were nice enough to point out the cave, claiming they heard the sounds of a gurgling stomach inside. Of course we investigated and found some friendly orcs inside. I know they are friendly because they didn’t try to eat me.

They told us the deeper mines were filled with Ankhegs, zombies and the likes, which seemed perfect for gathering more proof.

We looked around, found a few giant zombies with amazingly large maces. I tried to capture one in a net, but without getting into too many details, lets just agree that I failed and hope my arm won’t need a healer.

Stealing their mace and having the Half-Orc use it to bash in the original owners head was a much more effective solution to our problem. One I’ll try to keep in mind for the future´.

Unfortunately there were two of these creatures and when I stole the first mace, the other decided it was better to pound me a few times before I took its toy too.

Of course I survived. 


As we fought it got quite loud, so when the battle seemed over a few blue orcs, the others called the orogs, joined the fray trying to have a Sneks snack.

More stabbing ensued. More surviving. And then a nice sleep in the shade licking my wounds. Yes, I’m immortal, not invulnerable.

Deeper inside we found a trapped chest, which the half-orc disarmed by taking an arrow to the chest, an magical circle, which we decided not to jump into, and more zombies, which we stabbed to death, but not before we learned that zombie magic is a thing.

At this point caution was adviced and we chose to get out of the cave and back to the city.