Thorg (Leader), Zok (Trailblazer), Orianna (Scout), Viran, Tyil and Sneks


I’ve heard that some of you still don’t believe me when I say I’m immortal. A bit of skepticism is warranted, but I hope you all see reason as the proofs are laid bare.

Of course such proof won’t just appear out of thin as, so once again
I decided to join a group of adventurers on their journey out of White Moon Cove, and as you are reading this you should already know, that I didn’t (and can’t) die


We left White Moon Cove, intending on helping out with some burned
farms. Simple stuff. I thought. Turns out burning down farms was closer to
the others intention.

Long story short, we journeyed. Came across a local earthquake, talked to
some magic gnome in red, and so on and on and on. Fun fact, I did learn a new song.

There was also something about a baby beholder and Yatari, but it didn’t seem important. Wouldn’t help me prove anything after all.

Following the guidance of the gnome, we found a small village full of rabbits.
Again some of you might think, oh rabbits, they are no trouble, but just like trees they can be evil things!

Luckily I, Sneks, am a mighty hunter of rabbitsand quickly killed loads of rabbits.  At the end even the goblin was impressed by my might. Nobody died during the fights, but the fire girl had a close call, so I still think this should
be at least half a proof of my immortality.

Actually, on second thought it should be a full proof, because inside the houses we found a bunch of skeletons, so at least someone died from rabbits. Yes full proof of my immortality.

On the way back we almost got another proof, as a bunch of Gnolls tried to ambush us during the night. Luckily we saw them coming and moved camp.
I might be immortal, but gnoll bites still hurts!

We also heard my new song, but since we already knew the tune we didn’t
care to go look at it. 

If you don’t know it, here’s the lyrics. Looking forward to hearing it around town.

“This is the song that never ends”
“Yes, it goes on and on, my friends.”
“Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was,
“And they’ll continue singing it forever because”
“It’s the song that never ends”
“Yes, it goes on and on, my friends.”
“some peo…
I think you get the point by now.